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Last post before i head to bed, i'll check it in the morning before i head to work

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When my character was introduced to the halfling thief, the ranger chimed in with this gem.
"Your name is Bodo? Have you no dignity?"
"Heh, dignity. That could be a halfling stripper name."

There have also been some moments like pic related but nothing too terribly memorable.

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Another game, DM'd by the aggressive character from the Turbo-Dwarf story, was played by only myself and the Dragonborn Sorceror's player.

He played a half-orc ex-town guard/fighter named Ghak, and I played a humorous Dwarf paladin of Erathis by the name of Lamli.

Together our two characters ended up travelling to a far off Dwarven town to gain the aid of the Dwarves in fending off a growing army of evil races. On the road we came across a cart of dwarves besieged by an Eye of Grumsh, about 5-6 orcs and a dire wolf.

>The three dwarves in the cart fought back and we jumped in to the rescue.
>One dwarf goes down immediately, one goes full on Thor at the enemies- throwing lightning hammers and beating fuckers about- and another doesn't hit or get hit.
>Our contribution is hefty, but we get outclassed by the Thor NPC.
>Two more orcs appear from behind us with another dire wolf, leaving the entire group surrounded and boned. Eventually the other dwarf minion dies.
>We have to put various defence boosting effects up to avoid the defence penalty inflicted by the eye of grumsh's minor action attack, and we still keep getting hit.

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What's that?

You want more?

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE.

Papa-N taught us well.

>>20375253 >>20375254
Thank you.

I doubt he'd let it be. i mean, it's HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE.

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Neutral Evil..

I got a kid expelled from school by acting as though he had beat the shit out of me. I tore myself up a bit, ripped my clothes, bruises the whole deal.

Apparently, I'm a damn good actor because they took my story hook, line and sinker. He barely got time to talk. Mostly because I was the odd kid in Middle School whilst the Expelee was a Class S Middle School d-bag who had a record of being a "That kid". I don't regret it.

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Sup /tg/, looking for a little advice on making a sorcerer in Pathfinder. First of all, before anyone asks me this, I prefer spontaneous casting over prepared casting and I want to have a high charisma - that is why I'm not playing a wizard. We're going to be running the Savage Tide adventure path using the Pathfinder ruleset - I have absolutely no idea what the campaign is like or about but I've been informed that it's quite tough. I have access to pretty much all Pathfinder and 3.5 materiel.

I was talking with my friend who's in the group about how I should build my sorcerer. Originally I planned on going down the whole illusionist controller route but he told me that focusing on blasting with some buffing could in fact work well with the campaign - the DM gave the advice of 'killing the monsters before they can get any real damage out'. This leaves me at a bit of a crossroads as many people insist that blasting sorcerers aren't very viable and apparently this is going to be a hard campaign so I want to be able to pull my weight.

We have quite an odd group: we've got an ifrit paladin who's building around Dervish Dancer, there's a Free Hand Fighter who's based around using anything on hand as a weapon, a flail wielding inquisitor based on Alucard and the last member who might be making a rogue - but nobody knows for sure.

Anyone able to give me some insight on how to best help keep our fledgling band of nobodies from dying horrible deaths? Before somebody rants about this too - I don't intend to be a cookie cutter guy with no flair or personality. I already plan on making my character act like a traveling trader, which is reflected in his backstory and skills; I just want to hear some of you lovely people's opinions on how to go about using my magical talent.

Thanks to anyone who even skimmed over my stupidly long plea for assistance - I will name my firstborn after you as a reward.

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Ghost Council of Orzhova.
I don't WANT to be violent, but I certainly can be.

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Okay, I know I saw a map based game on here that seemed sweet as hell, but can't seem to find the name again.
All I remember is someone was bitching it was hard playing a single county, and that the sequel (expansion?) removed DNA.

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Hey, /tg/
Anyone know where one might acquire a pdf of Universalis?

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needs more pictures, will random dump till a request is given.
>>myself, ardmiths
ok, captcha...

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Ok /tg/ I just found out earlier today that my FLGS of years standing is closing down. It is the only place in my town where I can actually play games rather than just play them, it is the only shop I know that sells warmahordes, Flames of War, Infinity and any RPG that I need. Now the only place that holds wargame tournaments anywhere near me is the local GW store.

Feels bad man.

Any of you fa/tg/uys have similar stories? Or tips on how to find other gaming shops in my area?

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Hey /tg/, I've been browsing this board for a few years and often here people talk about 'special snowflaking' I also noticed that this is often used simply to describe people who try to roleplay interesting characters. So what's up? Is my definition of an interesting character wrong and what I am thinking of is in fact special snowfalking? Or are the people who I have noticed using it applying it wrongly? Is there a line past which an interesting character becomes a special snowflake or is it purely down to context whether a character is special snowflaking or not?

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Relax. GMs can make mistakes, and if you're all nervous and frettery before your game you'll probably make a bunch of them.

Get some generic stats for level 1 things to go up against prepared. Things you might not even intend to use. Just in case.

Make sure you've got a nice grid, things to represent your baddies, maybe some inspiration fuel.

Get an idea about your players, give them a direction to go in. Don't force feed them, but don't leave them hanging. Make them think that they wanted to go down this road themselves.

What alignment is your group? What motivates them? Make them want to head down your idea. And make something you'd see in an action film as the big evil guy at the end. It works for my groups.

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A word never heard before in this galaxy, yet after the disaster of the third arm every race of this galaxy knows it. They all know it is the name of a previously unknown species which is still shrouded in mystery. It's other meanings are many and varied but typically it is a byword for things like anger, danger, adventure (a concept previously unknown to most races), savagery and other such concepts.

The origins of the first and only hooman seen in this galaxy are still somewhat mysterious. Although what is known about his physiology suggests that it's species is manufactured not natural. It seems perfectly suited for war to a degree that practically screams "We were made in a lab!". It respires a gas that is commonly used even today in chemical warfare, it's immune system is capable of shrugging off most biological weapons and it can eat pretty much anything organic (although there are those who say it could even consume inorganic matter), it's body was small yet had an disproportionate amount of muscle development which suggests either a high gravity world or deliberate manufacture, it's bone structure was abnormally strong and finally it's body contained organs that produced a variety of chemical cocktails that contain drugs you would normally never see outside of a military laboratory.

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Hello /tg/. i am a amateur game designer and I am crafting a new rpg. The focus of this game is to be able to create and play anything you can imagine. Instead of going for a huge list of things to choose from, you use various formula to give a form to the things you imagine.

Now, what are things that you find are critical to a good, well-designed rpg?

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charismatic trumps attractive by a mile

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