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>The Gods love us! They push us towards greatness! Chaos is Great!

Roll 3d100 for their Blessings!

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/tg/ is rather lacking in busty cultists and fit warrior-gods.

Da Green Tide was never truly bad, it's just happens to be a horrible tabletop experience. Also, Nobz Bikerz were top tier for part of 5th edition, until they were made obsolete by space yiffs on thunderyiffs.

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I'm not really sure if this is the right place to ask, but I've got a lot of trouble /xno/ and I need some advice.

My planet was conquered by the Tau Empire a while back, they... uh... treat us 'well enough' and totally don't monitor all of our messages to ensure we're expressing proper thanks to our benevolent patrons.

Anyways, they determined that our little Agri-World wasn'tpopulous enough to be of much value, so they decided to resettle a few folks from some recently claimed hive world on our planet. They're human, like us, but not exactly like us.

Turns out that "Hive World" had been abandoned by The Emperor for several years and was filled with the worst kind of Heretics. The Tau watch them closely, so they can't go on an insane killing spree but just the fact they praise the dark gods next to our shrines to The Emperor is causing some problems.

Anyways, a really polite family were given a farm right next to ours. They've always been helpful and nice, and their daughter and I have... well, we both seem to have feelings for each other. The problem is, well, her family worships Chaos undivided and I'm still trying my best to be a good Imperial Citizen in an unholy land.

What should I do? She's super cute, and she keeps pulling this 'all religions are a path to chaos' mantra and trying to assure me that she wont force her religion on me. Pic related, it's her.

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But Anon, no need to be so meany with your friend!

We can all discuss things happily and respectfully with each others.
Like big happy family.

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Rolled 21, 17, 41 = 79

>Name: Chaotic Bias
>Domains: Chaos, Luck
>Worshippers: None
>Description: A sentient singularity that due to a logic error, has fallen into chaos

3) Create Kender race

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/tg/, can you ever permanently kill a demon in 40k, or does it always end in them being banished to the warp? There's one entity that is stalking our acolytes because we did more or less foil its plan to ascend in power in an earlier campaign. A player left, ending the campaign, but recently the gm decided to revisit our old DH characters later in their lives, the plot hook being the absent player's character having been killed in a modus operandi similar to the fiend from before and invitations being extended to the rest of the characters via various psychic and spooky ways to come back to the planet where things went down the first time. I've already questioned the GM about IT similarities, to which he replied, "It's going to take more than jokes and magic rocks to kill what you're up against."

Is there a Ritual of Chud out there for us to find or some Grey Knights items built specifically for this task, or are we kind of fucked?

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This is why Eldars are a dying race. Superior chaotic diplomacy here.

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Beseeching Tzeentch for master planning skills, ideas, and knowledge.

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>Chris' Chaos Lord is named Alpharius in honour of the Alpha Legion's Primarch
What kind of sub-par Legionnaire ISN'T named Alpharius anyway?

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Which ones?

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I concur. It is one of her best.

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rolled 59 = 59

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Outside the Light of the Emperor, on a planet where human scum actually trade with the Orks of Undred Undred Teef. Renegades, heretics, xenos. They're all here. We need transportation to our next assignment. It's an assignment BACK to the planet of heretics from the first assignment. There are contacts there, something needs to be delivered by us. It is beyond the Astronomican currently, and nobody will take us.

Nobody except a captain tainted by Chaos. Sister Antigone, resplendent in her menacing armor and tattoos, paints her face like a skull and saunters into a cantina full of heretical scum and Chaotic villainy to barter transportation with a captain covered in oozing, horrific, yet unnaturally non-fatal wounds covering his body.

In two sessions my pragmatic and loyal Seraphim finds herself riding on a ship captained by a Nurgle cultist, with a Penal Legionnaire she has personally freed, a sanctioned psyker who has developed a psychotic fixation on killing Inquisitors, and a scum criminal who is slowly taking charge of the group as traveling companions/fellow acolytes. We suspect that Astartes renegades are fellow passengers, but they keep to themselves or stay in areas of the ship we are not allowed to go.

We may have to destroy this Imperium in order to save it... (fin)

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