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Record of the Lodoss war OVAs are excellent.
Some Anime producers make a Manga and Anime about a AD&D game they played. They do skip over a lot of details that were in the Manga so read that if you ever get confused. The TV series is pretty good but not as good as the OVA's
Pirotess best elf

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Record of the Lodoss war was a DnD campaign turned into a manga and anime. Just finished watching the OVA
Also the 4e dnd comic and the Darksun comic were pretty good

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I visualize everything in pretty much exclusively 80s style anime, it's hard not to when it's been my most watched media since I was a kid.

Pic related.

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I heard that Record of Lodoss War was based on DnD sessions.

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Oakling Paladin: Explorer/pseudo-ambassador for his people because the outside world knows little about them. Player is a vet that likes to see numbers, my former DM.

Human Ranger: Robinhood with special arrows that leans more Chaotic than good. Girlfriend. Played play-by-post with the Rogue. Heavy roleplay.

Human Rogue: Dick ass thief/informant. Coward, likes taking pop shots with her bow next to Ranger. Heavy in role play, play-by-post vet, completely new to tabletop gaming.

Mousefolk Cleric of Thalandr: Likes to party, generally easy-going. Party heal-bot. Young kid that's also new, not sure what she wants and neither is she.

Dead Human Paladin rerolling a Fighter:
Murderhobo that just goes along with whatever the group is doing at the time. Doesn't put in a lot of thought into anything he does in particular. Not sure how he's going to RP his next character.

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Hey /tg/ Ive been out of the anime look for a while now and rather than go to /a/ssholes I was wondering if you can throw me a bone here.

I have a long ass flight Friday morning to Dublin to visit some family and was looking for a groovy series to help eat up some time on the flight there and back, something in the realm of D&D-ish fantasy.

So far the anime that have fit the bill that i've seen before are: Berserk, Slayers, Record of Lodoss War, FMA, .hack//Sign, and Outlaw Star.

Any suggestions?

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Dungeons and Dragons.

Oh wait.

...I'm not very good at this game.

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Record of Lodoss War has been mentioned only three times in this thread.
I think it's about time every elegan/tg/entleman in this thread hanged their head in shame for five to ten seconds.

For Pelor's sake, the anime is fucking BASED ON D&D SESSIONS OF IT'S CREATOR!

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Hey /tg/,

what do you think of animes inspired by D&D?
Pic related.

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That was already done. No really, it is a D&D game.

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