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>And cars are overpriced metal

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I just caught up on BCQ, and reading it all in one go, I noticed some things we dropped to the wayside, and had some comments/opinions on things

>Mike Christmas Gift
During Christmas, we asked mike to think of his favorite 2D character.
I'm assuming we were going to get Mia to draw it, but I don't remember reading that we ever did that.

>Parental superpowers
We were going to sit down with our mom and dad and ask them about their superpowers,
but it seems we just kinda accepted them and moved on. As far as I know, we don't know
how they work exactly or what their complete set is; we just got told that a lot of our mother's memories are wiped. Also know very little about Dad.

Speaking of which, I'm of the opinion that before we get our counselor to telepathically
reach inside of Mom's mind to fix her, we should ask Dad if that's a good idea.
Other than Mom, he would know the most about her situation. Maybe she herself asked them to be sealed; or they were sealed because she turned evil or some shit. Before we open that box, we should make sure we know as much as we can

We were looking for a hideout a while back; and found a mostly working house in the
evacuated zone. We took one look at it with Marie and then fucked off to do something else.
We should really look back into it, or at least tell the gang where it’s at. Incase everything
goes wrong, there needs to be a lesser known place everyone knows to flee and regroup at

>Avery's Superpowers
This was sort of addressed in the recent thread, but most of the girls have multiple superpowers,
which we just learned what her one is. We should experiment more and figure out what the others are.


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>not getting cyberglands implanted in your DCT
>getting DCT
>not getting DFC

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...but who is John Galt?

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>being on 4chan
>not knowing basic 日本語

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37 actual posters. That's a lot more than I was imagining.

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So can we come to a consensus as a group about that plane? Do we want to try to save it? Or should we focus on our waifu?

>implying a plane of faceless npc students > Kaname

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Oh fuck yeah bud.

Although we should calm down on wanting to import every character we meet; we still have six(?) or so settings to run through, all full of characters we do want.

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Well, things just took another turn for the serious.

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I know this doesn't fit into the predetermined schedule for this week, but could we squeeze in some time for a sentience meeting with our harem?

Kaede still needs to be informed shes sentient, as she doesn't realize it yet. And last meeting, before any serious discussion happened, we had to free Chris. Also, it would be a good opportunity to ask the girls what they have always want to do/try, as we can support them as only a harem mc can. Discussing OOC goals and and strategy would be good too.

Are the black abominations recognized in the show or they're just purely an outside influence?

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>"There is an army of us and we have all suffered from something more painful than something like you can ever imagine.”

This makes me wonder. Could these guys have been 3d people? Maybe we're a 2d simulation that continues indefinitely while 3d people died out? It could explain why they're incomprehensible, hate our (imaginary) guts, and can pop in and out and are above the rules.

Or something

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So we're spending most of today trying to explain/deal with yesterday? Lets see, we
• Made contact with and are now living with three angels and a reaper
• Made a speed device for the witchballteam
• Found out our house is sentient
• Fought off Plot to free one of our harem
• Had loud sex with two of our waifus

How the fuck are we going to deal with all that?

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I do disapprove of your lifestyle, you openly accept a addiction that you say isn't harmful to you because it doesn't destroy your body. When it does harm to you but making you fully obsessed with
>weed accessories
>weed smoking sessions
>weed brands and types
>spending all your spare money on weed
>cutting into your living money for weed

it irks me to death that stoners get upset that I dislike the fact they subject themselves to their addiction, just like alcoholics.

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Dump that shit, nigga.
But make sure you have some foot-fucking, like >>30372406 talked about.
It's giving me a woody.

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>2 Game Finders up

>System of choice
Adeptus Evangelion
GMT -4
>Contact Info
[email protected]
System was shown to me by my most wonderful group, now I want to pilot some damn living weapons. Text-preferred and my times are pretty flexible as long as its past 12pm EST, I work early.

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I just got in this thread, and I can already tell you that you need to scrub the salt out of your diaper ASAP.

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that picture....

is alright.

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>wants elves
>doesn't want what elves are protrayed as
>"guise, how do I Elf up my Elves without making them Elves?"

Just build a race with its own culture/personality/abilities/etc. and slap the name "Fair Folk" or "Elf" to it. You damn pansy.

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Okay I have to ask this, how the hell can you bring yourself to ERP?

I mean I guess I can understand it if you are sat on a IRC doing it but do people honestly get around a table and do this shit?

That seems...weird, I mean my group has had more than a few brushes with sex but it was always of the fade to black variety or describing some insane sexual situation for a laugh but are you seriously telling me people sit down around and table and RP this shit?

Damn /tg/ what the fuck!?

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So if we had a world were everybody would be a Mary Sue, how would they treat those who aren't one?

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When it matters, I'll let you know.

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wut? how?

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