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Obligatory Protomen reference.

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>Humans slowly absorb and adapt elven technology
>constant cultural shifts eventually lead to, at some point in the near future, humans getting a huge hard-on for revanchism and human nationalism
>first advocacy groups, then organized parties, then terrorist cells, militias, rebel groups begin to spring up on both sides of the debate
>a great leader rises from among the ranks of the discontented, a similar leader from the loyalists
>small events slowly tumble into bigger and bigger deals, eventually spill into the street thanks to inflammation of the problem by the leaders who want to win this once and for all
>elven authorities ride out to support the loyalists, but the discontented lower classes know the cities and have adapted and thrived, maybe have half-elf benefactors among the military and industry
>Humans have sheer numbers and guerilla tactics, but elves have the equipment
>either elves try some sort of final solution against the humans, alienating many loyalists, or begin to fall into serious population decline thanks to lower birth rates
>Elves try to settle, give humans settlements and cities on the edge of the empire as compensation for giving the fuck up
>A sudden vacuum of labour forces the elves on hard times as humans experience a cultural revolution rejecting elven trappings and sudden golden age
>While the elven kingdom looks inwards to rebuild, the Nation of Man looks for opportunity for expansion past the former elven borders
And thus, the new age of man had begun, the power dynamics significantly altered. I could go into the various internal factions that formed afterwards in both the Nation of Man and the Elvish Kingdom. I could detail the arrival of the prophet, or the discovery of the Kingdom-Under-The-Mountain, left behind by men in the old times. I could tell you of the orcish hordes and how they brought the two races together for the first time in ages. But that is too much for here and now, so you must be contented with what I tell now.

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Fuck your cynicism, man.
Fuck it tenderly.

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So she WAS a loli? Or at least DFC?

Come on, I have to know!


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it unfortunately happens once in a while

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>a self-made god-king was all that stood against the Ruinous Powers.

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>this thread

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is there any way of "emulating" a 10-sided die with results of a 6-sided die without doing something stupid like rolling it 5 times and using the module?
pic unrelated

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Because even now, there is hope for man!

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> /tg/'s republic of Kog(anusan)

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>[]Offer Lucius terms of surrender.

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Please anon, please, don't crush my hope.

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>>Hope rides alone. Let the others get side dishes, while you go for the main course

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According to Morke:

>Style should cover ladder grapples, mounting the ladder and attacking from it, using the ladder to climb or cross gaps, pole vaulting, delivering leverage-based attacks, and more.

So many shenanigans, so so many awesome shenanigans.

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Surely this fall idea would only work if instead of actively trying to make the Paladin fall, the DM challenges the ideals of the Paladin, maybe even throw in a situation that at first glance looks like a catch-22 that also tests the players ability to think about side the box, have more freedom from the DM for a little and to get off the rails on the crazy train.

Pic related, what the Paladin should be like in such a "no-win" situation.

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