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>using it with Hordeling Outburst

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Our campaign runs with 15 minute rests. It's great.

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That is by far the best description of what happened I have ever heard. Spot on.

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>playing counterbalance with the top
>have it on the field
>kid using a lightening bolt
>I counter it with the counterbalance
>kid using lightening bolt again.

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I really like it, but I feel like the most recent playtest was a huge step back because it standardized shit like BAB and ability score improvements which takes away from the fighter. We basically play a houseruled version of the playtest, which has been really awesome. The system is very simple and easy to adapt to your preference.

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Thanks broski

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Yes, actually. I don't think it's changed much since then. Have you tried it?

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Do you also have him as just an everyday normal dude in your head-canon? All this bullshit about perpetuals and terminators ruins the point of the story.

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That sounds awesome.

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Sure you can, the beta files have everything you need to roll up characters. It's pretty simple. I've been playing in a Next campaign and I'm really liking it.

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>(I have over $1000 earmarked just for the Games Day releases alone)

Lucky bastard, when will it be mine turn to go to GDUK?

>Keep up the good work anon, between us we help others who are as insane as we are in playing the Heresy.

You too dude! I only know a couple people who play 30k so it's always good to talk with others about it

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I like 3d6 down the line, but I can understand why some people wouldn't.

>Playin AD&D
>Told to roll 4d6-lowest, arrange how you want
>Roll amazing
>Get Paladin scores, wanted to play a Paladin anyway
>Friends are rolling
>Get an 18 and several sorta-shitty stats
>They keep rerolling
>Make fun of them for throwing away an 18
>They keep doing it
>mfw they do it for like half an hour and don't get anything better than an 18 and a 15 in the same set

I don't even understand why you'd want amazing stats. Characters with blatantly horrible scores in one or two stats are awesome.

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I love these threads because it devolves into people trolling eachother over antiquated weapons.

And it's like


I mean who the fuck needs cable when I have a thread like this?

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>that filename

we got a hugging jesus ourselves, a bit bigger and..hollow but with the same need of hugs.

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Most reasonable person in this thread award goes to:

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Five star post

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How does the thunderbolt do in the field, I haven't seen anyone use one at my store, then again we haven't had a decent apocalypse battle in a couple months.

Nice job on the paint by the way I imagine once the metal parts have been properly shaded it will look really good.

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well /tg/ summed things up pretty well

salamanders: bros with pyromaniac issues
>implying being a pyromaniac is an issue

white scars: the only asians in the 41st millenium as far as I know. Gotta flank'em all!

Personally I'd go for salamanders, I like their fluff and HQ better, as well as it goes for price and painting, then again paint the however the fuck you want, just thin your paints.

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eh, it's alright, I suppose it looks slightly better with washes and a little dry brush here and there, I would consider thining it just a bit more, you can never thin your paints enough OP, never.

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>death dice

you, yeah you, I like you guy.

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Thank you. I didn't have the heart do be 'that guy'.
But this is exactly right.

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