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>[] “Break and start killing Flankers! If we turn the tide bad enough, he's not gonna want to stay and play!”
It'll either scare him or force him to come at us. Either way it'll take some heat off the IJN ships and aircraft

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So I have a budget of roughly $200 for Christmas stuff on myself. My buddy and I are planning on starting up D&D again. I'm the DM of course. I plan on buying a huge battle map, not included in the $200. What's some other cool/useful tools a DM can have? Stuff like the huge battle map, or a craps table for rolling dice safely, a table that's been set up just for D&D, etc. We have dice, nothing special though. We paint minis, don't have a ton, could use more (especially groups of undead, orcs, etc. at a cheap price). Any cool shit your DMs used in the past?

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So I have a budget of roughly $200 for Christmas gifts for myself. My buddy and I are looking into getting back into D&D after a hiatus. I'm investing in a giant battle map, not part of the 200. I'm the DM. We have some minis that we're painting, not a whole lot though. Dice we have enough of, but nothing awesome. I was just wondering if you guys had any tips/advice on what to buy or even craft (a homemade craps table, for instance) that would make game night at my place badass, and useful, cool things for the DM to have.

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Hello, elegan/tg/entlemen!
I'm trying to write a new campaign in a (semi) original setting and I wanted input/help/criticism/tips from you's guys.
Now I'm not trying to be completely original here, so please bear with me.

The world (no name for it yet) isn't what you'd call post-apocalyptic, but one of the key points is lost 'technology'. Guns are present, but it's a more steam punk-ish, Victorian base. (This means like...flintlock pistols, blunderbusses, muskets, etc). There are incredibly rare, highly coveted pieces of technology that blur the line between science and magic (no definite name yet, just calling them 'end-tech'.) that are revered and reviled due to their incredibly destructive potential.

A possible concept I've had is a 'dying earth' scenario, where crops become less bountiful, winters become longer and harsher, and summers bring increasingly severe droughts.

Sorry for all the friggin' text.
(to be continued)

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Control Wind
Wind Shield
Lightning Bolt
Ball Lightning
Air Elemental
Chain Lightning

Manipulate Flame
Inner Flame
Living Flame
Wall of Fire
Fiery Rain

Resist Cold
Ice Pillar
Throw Icicle
Living Frost
Freezing Aura
Ice Storm

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Good Morrow, /tg/.

I'm currently playing a 2nd level lawful evil troll fighter in 3.5e.
The setting and some events can be read here: protact(dot))tumblr((dot)com.
The problem I face is that I rolled rather poorly in both Int and Cha but ok in Wis. Due to this, he has the common sense to not gravitate towards spontaneous, lolrandom acts of stupidity but is on cro-magnon levels of cognition and diplomacy, try as he might.
Does anyone have any advice as to how I can roleplay this well without resorting to the generic 'hulk smash' theme?

Stories and characters welcome.
In the mean time savage art-dump!

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rolled 90, 49, 91, 39 = 269

1.2. Finally we meet again, and I just wanna say; you are a BITCH to get a hold of! So, have you been taking care of our angels? Because we would really like them back now. Don't make me come in there.
+26 blood magic
+3 Faith

3.4. Spawn more blood born, by that I mean manpower.
+26 blood magic

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I have three.

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rolled 15, 10, 8, 5 = 38

Screw you! You abandoned and left us to die, no we have new friends and you are not welcome here!

4. Ask pit lord if he's seen an arab jesus.

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>cleric novice
>managed to kill 15 cultists, a witch, a daemonhost and a daemonette singlehandedly
>hammer that slew daemonette got blessed and ignores toughness
>next session she gets her skull crushed by a nob she almost killed after getting it to kill a genestealer that would otherwise have fucked up the whole party
>the nob had 1 wound left

At least she died as she lived: Taking critical damage to the face.

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What's you're war cry /tg/?
mines "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeaaaaaaaaa­aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeee­eeiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeee

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Wish this was a tau one.

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>this guy actually thinks he is bad ass or tough looking.
being tall with narrow shoulders is bad thing dude.

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Hey, /tg/. This is a 3.5 mechanics question, just to see if I understand this correctly.

I made a character that has levels of Barbarian, Ninja, Battle Dancer (Dragon Compendium), and prestige'd into Avenging Executioner (CS). So pretty much, and intimidate jockey.
The feats in question are 'Intimidating Rage'(CW) and 'Intimidating Strike'(PHB2).
If i were to use my ghost step to turn invisible, and sudden strike them declaring it as an Intimidating Strike, then Rage as a free action, then the Bloody Blade ability sets in.
So the guy I sudden stroke, would get shaken. Everyone in 30 feet goes to shaken, and the guy bumps up to frightened. Then everyone in 30 feet again goes to frightened, and the guy bumps to panicked.

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Science addition!
The humans in 40k are 38,000 years more evolved, which means that they won't even be homo sapien.
All the emperor would do is just purge the mutant, or in retrospective terms for him, neanderthals.
Plus the emperor is just a faggot in golden armour with psychic powers.
So in all honesty, no i wouldn't ressurect him from his torpor, just record it all and then put a video up on the webs of me declining the 'god emperor' access to this world for all spezz marine and imperial guard fans to cry at.
And get bro fists off the chaos players :P

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you have to have an int of 11, and 5 levels in rogue. remember, pathfinder does not force a cross class skill point penalty. so you can make your 5 ranks in knowledge (arcana)
your 2 rogue talents at lvls 2 and 4 must be minor/major magic.
because dragon disciple increases your caster class at each lvl (except 1, 5, and 9) talk to your DM to see if you can gain more spells/spell levels accordingly... like a sorcerer. (lvl 4 in dragon deciple, you would get access to a lvl 2 spell; lvl 7 dd you would get access to a lvl 3; lvl 10 dd gain access to a lvl 4)
your bab would increase from poor to medium (0/1/1/2/2... to 0/1/2/3/3), so you would be hitting more often. spell like abilities being touch attacks, channel your touch attacks via your claw attacks for some nice DPS. you would be a small, nat armor, dragon bloodline, spells, sneak attack, skill jockey... weapon finesse. DEX 16+. CON 16+. INT 14+. natural flying. evasion. d8/d12 hd. lvl 15 have a 10/5 bab
sounds like a front liner

you sir, would be awesome

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Oh Lawd

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Hey /tg/, has anyone here played SLA Industries? I just heard about it the other day, and apparently it's like Paranoia mixed with CoC and a dash of Warhammer 40K. There was something about cannibals, a megacity and a race that gets perks for being high all the time. Can anyone vouch for it?

Pic unrelated.

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In the name of Easter!

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So I was shown the light of "gasp" other rpg's that make way more sense and are much better in general than D&D or Pathfinder... really any d20 system .

I looked into gurps and i really liked the bell curve of the 3d6 system plus the ability to make pretty much anything you could imagine, then that led me to the HERO system which so far i think is the holy grail of RPG's as far as what you can make . I love systems that give the ability to make anything you can desire . They give you the knowledge of how they made the system and you can do anything you like with it ! Make entirely new rule sets, make entirely new powers traits, skills, it gives advice on how/why you would want a new power , ability , or skill.

Probably the statistics of the bell curve really pulled me in, theres no " HURP DERP 5% chance to do anything or fail anything !"

I know alot of you play Rogue trader or Dark Heresy which i definitely respect. I just wonder if anyone KNOWS about other rpgs or they are just stuck with the convenient D20 crap that wizards is shoving down everyone's throat. Or riding the wave of pathfinder which is capitalizing on all of the previous wizard stuff.

I'll take the ability to create what i want any day over the reverse engineering required to make a power or ability in a d20 game, and then worrying about if its balanced with all the other stuff. Eh... maybe it's just me.

Oh yeah, and the fact that every system worth a damn uses hexes instead of squares is awesome too. (Which is why i enjoyed that 3.5 unearthed arcana.)

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so i want to hear /tg/'s opinion on the story i have so far. obivously im not going to explain the whole story just the premise.

- a evil empire has risen from ages past.
- empire is called blood Council
- Heroes set to investigate
- slowly but surely the council gets revealed
- mysterious man of insane godly power appears
- first encounter with him. wipes out the whole forest they are in and replaces it with a giant ball of black energy.
- eventually find out he is a member of the council (oh really?)
- tragic past with his parents getting killed raped etc. him being a sole survivor of a country that was ravaged by armies of the dead led by the council.
- the government found him made him an expierement.
- was freed by the council.
- they want him.
- Mysterious man joins
- mysterious man plots to destory the council and all life because of " if all life is greedy and needy, why not just end the suffering?"
turns out there is a leagacy with the heroes and the man.

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Sure is mad Brettonian player in here.

Do you shit on Ogre players for having a better statline too?

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pg. 27 of the Chaos Daemons codex, first paragraph: DAEMON: The special rule applies to every model in this army...
Sorry, no screen shot, because no printer. However, for those of you who have the codex can go look it up. The Daemon codex states there is a special rule dictating that the Daemons have a keyword. Also, in 2006, when the Eldar codex came out, the Avatar has a special rule that explicitly states that he is, for all rules specifically, treated as a daemon. Then, in 2007, the Chaos Space Marines new codex came out and fucked everything. The greater daemon, possessed, daemon prince, and lesser daemons do NOT have the daemon keyword. Which means, under the rules, GK do not have any special abilities against them. If you want to blame anyone for this, blame Gav Thorpe for being a complete and total dumbass.

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