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>People play Standard
I just don't understand. We just play EDH here. Totally different game, totally different mindset. It's amazing.

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>People thinking Griselbrand is overpowered
Fuck, guys, this debate is so stupid. He's a rapist general, but he definitely isn't a god tier one at his price.

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>That feel when I thought this was a mutant penis

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Magic isn't manipulating some quantity of energy called mana or some other such nonsense.

The threads and flows of the world can be touched, and manipulated, with the bare hand. Even a child could do it. The threads of your own body can be similarly altered by your own brain. They are a part of you as any muscle, and they can be used similar to a muscle. Even a baby has the physical capacity to touch these flows or strings(the word you use really just depends on how you want to feel fancy).

The problem is one of two parts. You also need the ability to perceive these connections of the world. I would call it sight, but it only starts to seem like plain sight when you are aware of their existence so strongly that it appears before your eyes. The difference is simple. You know OF friction if you attended even one day of school in your life, but do you know friction so personally that you see it as you drag your hand along the wall? See the various resistances playing out.. not just feel it on your hand? See the exchange of energy? Once you can do this, you can go about altering this force such that you can walk up the wall. No increase the friction to such a degree that you gain traction.. and negate the force of you pressing against the wall so you don't just push off when trying to run up it.

A wizard trains this perception of the world, but many never succeed. A sorcerer is born into it or awakens into it for another reason, and it drives many mad from seeing things no other can. A warlock has some higher entity jab what is essentially a spike through their fucking soul in attempt to create enough trauma to activate the ability, and frankly few survive. Pick your poison.

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So, if you wanted to play a nun, you would have her be a loose whore? You are clearly too young to know what's actually going on here, so why don't you just go back to /b/, hmm?

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A horde of useless jinni. None of them are in the least bit malignant. They just suck at jinni-ing.

-The first one is a beautiful young woman. She is nice, but a clutz. Every time the wishee wishes for something, she gleefully accepts and tries to make it happen, but messes it up uncontrollably. Think stereotypical anime chick messing up and dropping a cake, just before giving it to someone, and then crying and going all moe like. She even realizes that she's screwing up, and even offers back wishes which she feels have made the players situation worse.

-The second one is big and green and has the appearance of a handsome muscular man... But he suffers from the same uselessness as the first jinn.

-The third is big, and masculine, and seems like a typical mean jinn, yet he too will gladly grant a wish with no catch. But he is anally retentive to the most extreme degree, that he tries to constantly redo wishes to get them right, taking days, or even weeks to perform simple tasks, like: 'summon glass of drinkable water'. Also, it should be noted that he is a dick, and sees himself as better than the party. He will help, but secretly, it's only because he's lonely because he's such a jerk.

-The fourth isn't as big and imposing as the third, or as attractive as the first, and simply waits patiently, and listens pensively until a wish has been asked of him. He does not speak any language spoken by any characters or npcs. When asked for a wish to be granted, he simply does not know how to reply, except for explaining that he does not understand in his own language. "Štao? Ya ne razumiyem adamski... Spreken ye mundski?"

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Killing Roboutte Guilliman?

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Wait, are you guys saging or aren't you? I'm so confused!

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>ywf stars never fight in Star Wars

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I have no idea what that is, but I'll bump this thread because it's something different. Good luck, OP.

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Oh well, i'm sure i'll get the next one right.

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>IA 9 vol. 2

Are you trying to say IA10?

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>See OP
>Suspect troll thread
>read first few posts
>looks like it's a tr-
>continue reading
I love you guys. Really.

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>Thor did not order the Universe.

That's not the connection, it's the thundered archetype I'm going for.

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>Hey, why do you play a girl in everything?
>Because girls are awesome!
Is this the "logic" that people use to justify playing a character of the opposite gender? Shit seems kind of whacked to me.

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That was the exact same reaction I had.

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>bolters as the base for nemesis force weapons

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People enjoy fucking animals?

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>tanks and helicopters aren't fun

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rolled 33 = 33

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>mysterious half-elf paladin mercenary that always hides his face and is escaping his dark past
>becomes mostly slapstick throughout the campaign and becomes one player's bitch
>turns out he is the son of the king of the empire the players had to go to
>turns out he had been working for the BBEG all along and double-double crosses the party

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