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What can I say, Chaos is gay.

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Its mostly Total War Rejects trying to fit in but fail to release the games have a good amount of End Times and AoS shit.

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Imagine looking at 3.x and saying "Now here is a system that is refined, balanced, and adds a sense of peril and mortality to even the highest level characters. Every victory is an accomplishment, and encourages strategy, teamwork, and creativity in combat without sacrificing roleplay potential."

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>My Goku-Wizard is strong enough to exist in 40k and he has special sight and can change reality and unmake planets and he can beat up your dad!

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Old World needs to radically change the rules or else it wont grab the video gaymers. At this point in time total warhammer is basically the "ultimate" simulation of Fantasy and with covid locking game stores who would even want to buy a bunch of plastic/resin to never play games with?

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>At least I don't need to worry about one character having nearly double the amount of turns as others
Extra actions still exist. And thanks to how cumbersome the 3E system is, it takes more time now to do anything than 2E did.

>At least multiple attacks are things made to be finishers rather than a default action every turn.
Unless you've got post soak damage adders, in which case it does turn into a default action.

>At least I don't need to worry about a rocket tag combat system.
>At least I don't need to worry about horrifically overpowered charms.
Pic related, it's the Brawl Chads, Single Point Chads, Solar Melee Chads, and Stealth Chads laughing at this notion.

>At least I don't need to worry about Lunars being fundamentally shit
Delusions are beyond belief at this point. Have you checked the Lunar lore lately? Oh right, there is none, because now the Lunar lore is just a hastily scrawled "Lonarz did dis" over the same setting map we've had for 3 editions now.

>At least I don't have to worry about charms, artifacts, and hearthstones copy and pasted directly from 1e.
Congratulations, your first actual, legitimate, valid criticism. Took you long enough.

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I just want everybody to know that temperature/weather theming your armies, which are normally weather agnostic, is literally braindead austism and should be bullied and made fun of at every opportunity.

That is all.

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>imagine not having a multipart battleline unit from this decade
>imagine having to buy your new monopose models in a $90 box like a sad little cuck, only to get some rerolls.

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>This character from another canon entirely, from another company and form of media, that has nothing to do with what's being talked about, did a thing that was tangentially similar, maybe, so clearly Dante is stronger than Sparda
Can't make this shit up.

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The levels of seethe this iron tard has generated is starting to go beyond mortal levels

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>literally used to take over enemy ships or defend your own ships
>used to capture space stations, colonies, etc.
Ah, right, you are just retarded, got it.

Maximum cope, ignoring answers, and reeeing detected, sorry shitter, no more (You)'s from me.

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>The only part that matters is, though.

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>He needs the last word so bad he came back to reply to the middle of an argument that ended yesterday
>Then immediately needs to start a new one
So reply to this and then shut the fuck up like a good little boy.

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Hello? Based?

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>you can't socially shame people into using your preferences over the internet, spud
Funny, thats exactly the attitude of the people developing 3E and their entire Discord.

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Remember that Blood Raven player who liked primaris and had to post his old Terminators to calm the autists screaming? God this general sometimes.

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>dice tricks
>piss poor weak charms all over the place
>the most bloated edition we've ever had, bar none
>Dragonblooded being able to fight on equal terms with Celestials
>the "good" edition

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So if you count the Usurpation as a battlegroup, suddenly it becomes winnable again? Damn, that one autistic anon is going to have an absolute meltdown when he finds out his favorite edition still makes the Usurpation unable to happen.

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If Grey Jedi are Protestant to Orthodox Catholics than Grey Sith are clearly Agnostics to Militant Atheists

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