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I Think they are slow, but at that price..
My first order took about a week and a day or something. Second one about 2 weeks.

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"Friendly reminder that 40k has local metagames that are 50-100 players in organized play who are not all freinds in any city with more more than 1 Million citizens and that your "just don't be a dick" that works in your podunk little 6-man operation is not a realistic solution to the problems with the game and that larger groups take priority due to your isolated nature makign your problems not spread" Edition

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Tourny coming up and you need to get your list tweaked? Campaign on and don't know what to do with your last 200 points? Wondering why that guy at the LGS has nothing but plasma pistol stormtroopers?

There is hope, and it is here. Mostly. Post lists, seek feedback, realize you're not as good at list building as you think.

2k GK/Inquisition/IG list i've been playing with for a few weeks. I am aware that it's ready for an update. The IG part is rather small.

Coteaz - 100
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor - 100
level 1 psyker
conversion beamer + force sword

Vindicare - 145

Coteaz Henchband 1 - 158
2x flak plasmagun + laspistol acolytes
2 monkies
3x plasma cannon servitors

Coteaz Henchband 2 - 158
same as above

Coteaz Henchband 3 - 133
2x melta + pistol with flak acolytes
3x crusaders
4x death cultists

Coteaz Henchband 4 - 133
same as above

Stormraven - 205
lascannon + multimelta

Stormraven - 205
lascannon + multimelta

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - 61
level 1 psyker
force swords and bolt pistol
2x servo skulls

Malleus Henchband - 184
3x plasmagun + laspistol caraprace acoltyes
2x monkies
3x plasmacannon servitors

Company Command Squad - 100
4x flamers
Master of Artillery Strikes

Vet Squad - 100
3x meltavets

Vendetta - 130
Aegis Defense Line - 85

Total - 1997

Inquisitors babysit the servitors, meltavets and melta/cultists zoom around and last minute cap or suicide into small squads of dangerous long ranged firepower. Airplanes also knock out air with the defense line, everyone else plays gunline with lethal plasma behind the defense line.

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40k General: Local Metagame Edition!

In addition ot general discussion let's discuss our local metagames since often flame wars start in these threads due to lack of context for other people's posts.

My local metagame contains the following armies (including mine):

2 Necron (Cron Air & Imotek Ghost Ark Fleet)
2 Ork (The FW list & Battlewagon + Dakkajet Spam)
2 IG (Russ + Basilisk Spam, & Mix Units with Fortification Focus)
1 Eldar (Falcons w/Fire Dragons & Swooping Hawk Focus)
1 Chaos Daemon (Mono-God Nurgle options)
1 Chaos Space Marine (Mix)
1 Tyranid (Flying Circus)

House Rules: Our mission table contains 14 more missions from supplements adapted to make sense even if the army the supplement is for isn't in it. This keep certain match-ups less predictable/one sided.

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I'm dying.

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>40k with stands.

What would the Emprah's stand be?

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Dark Eldar > You edition

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No 40k Army List general, and we cannot allow that, can we?

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Any tips on how to switch IG regiments without taking the hurt financially? I wanna switch from Cadians to Drookian Fenguard and the website that sells Drookian pieces also sells kilt legs and other Drookian bits. Any way to cut the heads and legs of my Cadians so I can salvage the bodies and arms? And maybe a head here and there. Souvenirs from traitor guardsmen right?

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>The game's cinematic intro begins
>A starscape fills the player's screen. Nebulae and millions of stars can be seen. It is the eerie quiet that can only be experienced in space
>The camera begins to move downwards and pans to the right. A small planet fills up half of the players view. It is largely blue and seems peaceful
>In an instant a massive, silent explosion rocks the surface of the planet, clouds and atmosphere yielding in it's wake
>Suddenly, Imperial Naval vessels rocket past the camera, heading straight for the planet. There are dozens of them, in an attack formation, and fighter ships can be seen exiting the hangars
>The player's screen begins to fade into a cloudy mix of purple haze and dark black around the edges
>The camera pans back, revealing that the player was viewing into a tainted auspex of sorts
>Now the player sees he is in the center of a large, dark room, with walls that seem to ebb and flow with the distant sound of machinery. Rows of panels and duty posts are manned by small and weak servitors and chastised men, focused only on their tasks
>The player is free to look around from his 'eyes', and sees his own gauntlet-ed hands, and decadent midnight blue armor, covered in arcane runes and symbols, sitting in a high ornate seat at the head of the room, decorated in skulls and other symbols of death and terror

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Would Roll20 be able to play 40k the wargame?

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Let's do this

List Thread here: >>27533248

Adeptas Sororitas edition

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Last one is dead and /tg/ will likely explode without a constant 40k General.

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Yup its time again
>Army Lists
>Paint thinning
>Riptide bitching
>Heldrake bitching
>X is better than 40k bitching
>Fluff bitching
>Bitching and bitching accessories

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Alrighty then Elegen/tg/entlemen, what army/ies do you play, and what are your complaint/s with them?

Necrons: Terribad named HQ's (Several of them are designed for CC, you don't get into CC with them.), worse Elites, Flayed Ones, Forge World dynasty is not Battle Brothers with Codex: Necrons, WHY IS MY ARMY NOT FEARLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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old one's in autosage

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Decent assault when editon

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I'm pretty sure that hydras lost Interceptor, and are now just solely anti-air. Caused a lot of IG who had bought 9 hydras for their shitstorm of autocannons to cry and whinge because now they actually had to play the game.

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