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But then, just to keep the temperature rising, the gatehouse door buckles and begins to crack. The behemoth machine tears the left half of it free and tosses it aside, only to be shoved backward as the gate's other half is propelled into its head with some force.

The giant skeleton shoving the banded oak into the machine's face follows after its makeshift bludgeon, a large cutting blade at the ready. The resultant fight would be more interesting if you didn't have to get past them to make it to the keep.

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You carry the corpse up the landing stairs and down through the gatehouse, heading for a stone table in the outer courtyard. As the thing's bulk obscures your vision and smells like a moat, you're less than capable of watching where you're going and walk smack into the leg of one of the Master's giant-sized skeleton guards as you pass under the stone arch of the gate.

He gives you what manages to be a pitying look even without any eyes in the corresponding sockets and waves you on. "Feh, apprentices."

You continue onward, manage to find the table you were looking for, and lay Perrin's corpse down on it. With some concentration you remember the advanced incantations you'd just barely started studying and begin to prepare the body for the rites of animation. You reach for your will focus, a bit of leather on your belt on which there was an image of your tribal totem, the raven...and find it gone. That bastard on the tower must've torn it off or something, you definitely had it on you when you answered his summons. Prick.

Your room near the outer gate has a chest in it where you keep the wolf totem - it's the only other thing you have to remind you of your old life, and necessary for the rite you're trying to perform. You're going to need one or the other to get this done.

In the meantime, you decide to check for Shackleton in the outer moat.

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A quest featuring necromancy put to neutral or good ends in a war against worse things. Inspired by Kobold Sorcerer Quest, among other things, and featuring significant similarities until the idea is far more developed. Probably featuring some kind of cameo from Death of the Sandman mythos in a similar role to the Lady of Pain from Planescape: Torment.

Mood music so far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCyRVEg50oQ

Features would include nation management, diplomacy, and various forms of arcane experimentation. Shameless theft and refashioning of ideas from the confrontation with the BBEG from Arcanum very possible, more inspiration sought.

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