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>not liking Gaunts Ghost or Ciaphas Cain

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Huh, didn't know that. Thanks.

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Daniel Craig could make a good Gaunt.

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is dat some blood pact

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The 10, 617th Imperial Cosplayer's convention did not go as smoothly as its planners had hoped.

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So just got Dan Abnetts Blood Pact as a gift. But I havent read the rest of the Gaunt series.

Can someone tell me how important consistency is to this particular series? Is it even worth reading?

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Yes, HQ+ squad at first
I have no idea.
Yes/maybe depends if you're just gonna play with friends, who'll probably let you use theirs

not helping: I really hated Ed Edd n Eddy. it pissed me right off, but that pictures pretty good. saved.

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>realise the deep shit i'm in
>feign retreat
>turn corner to chimera of IG
>The Emperor REALLY does protect

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Help me name my Rogue Trader's ship, /tg/

I'm currently leaning towards the Saucy Sororitas.

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Yarrick was the commander in chief, and Ork "technology" can hardly be called that. I'm sure the Mechanicus rubber stamped the approval fo the klaw because Armageddon was too important and in too much turmoil for details like that to get in the way.

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naw, now hes got city slickers and sarcastic randoms to balance out the scottish fuck sheepers

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Men of Tanith, do you want to live forever?

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Get Black Crusade. Play as Chaos in Sabbat Worlds. Then play as Bloodpact.

Problem Commisar Gaunt?

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>Q: If only some of the models in a unit have the Stealth
special rule, does the whole unit benefit from the +1 cover
save? (p76)
>A: Yes. In effect the ones with the Stealth special rule
ensure their colleagues also find good places to hide.

50 man guard squad:
Goes to ground = +1 to cover save (6+ cover save in the open)
Order "Incoming!" = +2 to cover save (5+ cover save in the open)
Lord Commissar with 10 point camo cloak + order "Incoming!" = +3 to cover save (4+ cover save in the open)

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Your anger comes from knowing you have failed Him and all your efforts are nought for you are nothing but TRAITORS scrabbling desperately in the dark for a shed of the honour and glory you once knew as His servants.

I have that glory now. You are nothing.

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I was in Games Workshop today, and someone there recommended me a Warhammer 40K novel, but I have forgotten the name. It's about the Imperial Guard, and it was about a squad of soldiers without a commissar. The squad is very racist, but they got on well without a leader. However, they get assigned a commissar who is black, and they do not like him. The person recommending it said it was quite dark and that it's his favourite novel of all time, but the name just escapes me. Can anyone identify it?

Pic related, I bought the first Gaunt's Ghosts omnibus today.

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Bill died like all good servants of the God Emperor.

He is at his right hand now, may he finally know peace.

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I'm definitely going to present the "How did I get here?" card to my players and work from where they decide. As for their Inquisitor I've been debating long just using one from the book or brewing up my own. I suppose they COULD transfer command later but the thought leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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