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Well it's dead jimmy..

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DEX 5, Melee 5, Specialty (fight battle groups), that's 11 dice for offense and a Parry of 5, I think?

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What is the equivalent D&D level of your average Dynasty Warrior?

Is there an epic fantasy game system or genre outside of exalted?

If you gave an adventurer all of Link's Equipment he has ever received (outside of the god like Triforce) would they be able to survive a zombie apocalypse?

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>3D Fighters are awful and I cannot play any of them
I haven't been able to win at a 3D fighter since SCII

I hear Mitsurugi is good again in 5, though

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Hey there, thought i would post.

I am running a Zelda game. If you are interested in saving hyrule as a maiden/sage. message me.

Players must have time available, send me what those times are, and working microphones.

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Reposting from /cgl/, since they directed me here.
Hi /tg/, I've got a pretty weird question to ask you guys:
>Could you help me design a costume?
As my name suggests, I am a LARPer, and I'm trying to come up with a suitable costume for my character before next event (September 2, Labor Day weekend). I've been wearing a very plain outfit for the last 2 events, but for the next one, I want to do something a bit more distinctive and hopefully badass.
In the next couple posts I'll give a quick description of the setting of the LARP, and a quick background of my character as it relates to the backstory. All I ask is for a couple ideas for a suitable costume for the character.

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The Legend of Bump.

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Hey guys, I want to start playing and was looking at Forces of Darkness because the mounted moblins look badass, but I'm kind of leery about this commander the boxset comes with. His stats are really good, and he's tough as hell, but then he's got this "I Fight for the Strongest" rule were if you begin to lose by a certain margin, he leaves the battlefield or even switches sides! Is he worth using?

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I back up too the edge of the stage and spam arrows and grabs until i win

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