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>tfw realizing that at least the necron half will be going cheap on ebay

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I've played Dark Angels for a few years now, took a break from 40k for a like 6 months and now that I'm coming back to the game I realize I'm no longer satisfied with the direction the army and the fluff are going so I'm considering selling them and starting a new army. I still want to remain in my comfort zone though so I'll probably go for a different Chapter or Legion. There are so many options I like though I wanted to hear some words from people playing them, be it advice or feedback. I narrowed it down to:
>salamanders, I like flamers, hammers and meltas, plus their fluff would be a real departure from what I had
>iron warrior: I like their extra-bitter fluff and siege stuff
>black legion: there's something appealing about "the main bad guys of the bad guy faction", plus black is stylish
>black templars: played shooty knights for a long time, maybe it's time for melee knights
>imperial fists: I like bolters of all kinds, plus they're the motherfucking EDF and like to use fortifications
>deathwatch: cool minis, don't have to pick a chapter if I can use them all

Which of these are currently viable and which are trap options?

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