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The Empra "dies" for real and the Imperium falls in ruin, or really just exacerbates what was already happening.

Instead of a huge Imperium mankind is broken up into
100's of kingdoms each trying to hold onto what they have.

Chaos can't really press the advantage as they still have have each other to deal with, along with other forces. Even with the full Imperium gone, all the kingdoms of man that exist become even more capable of defense as they just have to worry about themselves instead of shipping men and material elsewhere to fight in endless Imperium wars. Every system of the former Imperium is now a fortress world.

With the Empra gone, the Astronomicon is also gone, so the Nids no longer have their bug light and generally fall into disarray but still a threat.

All the other forces generally remain the same, Orks fight everyone, Tau nibble away at the remains of the Imperium, Eldar roam the galaxy wondering who will protect them now, Dark Eldar continue to fuck with everyone, Necrons keep on keeping on.

Meanwhile on Terra the Empra resurrects and plots the Reconquista of the Imperium.

So basically, it advances the story a tad, but doesn't really change that much at all.

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