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Fairly well. They still have their ups and downs, their joys and the disdains. Hell, I think one showed sympathy for the dead.

It's a decent read. Good portion of it is in space, but that doesn't matter too much given story quality.

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Already planning on that.
The spider queens basically act as platform manipulators and a sort of shield for the party, the dragon a distraction, the boneyard army is there to fight any of the Arch Devils flying minions and the Solar wont pop up till round 13, because he has to manifest himself there.

After this battle the party gets some nifty titles and rewards too.

In general this is an attempt to make it seem like the world around them is alive and dependent on their actions.

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The GM needs to make you bleed for spliting. That'll put things back together real quick.

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>Eldar waifufag
>Tfw my waifu will live for several thousand years

well, have to go full AdMech, I suppose...

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Daily reminder, that Eldar live longer than humans, so if you want to live with your Eldar waifu, you must become a metallic cthulhu

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Here you go friendo, everything I have.

Includes a whole lot of maps, extra items like cards and templates and all armies, some possibly even as duplicates.


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>tfw I2 meme has faster initiatiative than da Orks
Oh the irony.

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>equip Warlord Dominus with Scryerskull Perspicatus
>roll 4 on Warlord table
>Sabotages and Scatterfields everywhere
>Kataphron Destroyers with 3/4+ cover saves and enemies taking D6 bomb hits on 3 units at once turn 1

Top fucking kek every time.

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Hey anons, which books are good if I want to read some AdMech fluff? Want to learn more background info about my dudes and knowing Black Library half the novels are shite.

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>Techpriest killing the Gaurdsman
Beautifully Ironic

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>mfw Ruststalkers, Infiltrators and a Dragoon slaughter a 1000 point green tide due to the blinding invuln save

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Just realized you could turn 'em into TechPriests and eventually teach them enough to build and crew ships on a Jumper's level. Who knows, they could very well get to a point where they can become the new crew of LoT.

After you kill off everyone else because ENOUGH IS FUCKING ENOUGH!

....aaaaaaaand now I'm picturing green-skinned TechPriestesses.

Emperor have mercy.

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I knew that!

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I'd love to be a techpriest.
I was born a weak mutant, and I'd kill for the chance to replace my weak flesh with the armaments of the machine god.
Also you'd almost never go a day without learning something new(Like the internet except instead of other people's opinions on shit it's replaced with cool forgotten calculations and blueprints).

Either that or an ork. I'd make a great ork.
That's cheating and you guys know it.
>A Revelator of the Menagerie
What the fuck is that and what does it have to do with the yellow king?

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Ridiculous, the Omnissiah is the only thing they need.

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>tfw my lone vanguard killed Kaldor Draigo because of the pater radium

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Page ten bump

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Hey /tg/, I'm gonna be playing as a Techpriest in a DH campaign. I have the idea that he will be party support/healer, as none of the other party members can get medical until much later than me, and I need tips for actually roleplaying the guy. Obviously he is gonna be more concerned about tech than his team, but to him working with the Inquisition will help him find new and more exotic shiny bits.

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U mad guardsman? Deldar memes are the dankest

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You implying we'll stay meatbased past this century ?
So cute :3

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How much heresy on the scale of not heresy, to heresy, would it be for an Admech magos to study Eldar technology?

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We will extract his DNA, use artificial wombs to makeenough of his spawn to populate a whole planet, and murderrape all of them, one by one.

No offense.

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Thank you guys! I am also pretty happy with how it turned out! Lately I was somewhat downhearted because there were barely any players. I guess that was because of Summer and that people were mostly busy doing whatever instead of spending time on the computer.

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Hopefully the forces of chaos will be granted their codex before quarter 1 of 2016

The old rumors of plastic havocs and basic marine resculpts sustain me

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