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The armies are fed soilent green for breakfast lunch and dinner. Most readily available source of nutrition anywhere. They don't even try to give it a nice name. "Corpse starch" kinda speaks for itself.

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one vote in this whole fucking thread for based Sanguinius.

>execute thyselves

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Question, Painting, Fluff discusion: bring it all.

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"Commander Dante is one of the most experienced and able Space Marine Commanders. In no small part, this is due to the longevity of the Blood Angels, which he has ruled for 1,100 years."
Extracted from the wiki. He has RULED them, and I fucking doubt he was a neophite when that did happen, bro.


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this is how i diviner

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Because Sanguinus held the eternity gate, by himself, against an army of traitors and daemons.

Also, he broke a Bloodthirster's back over his knee.

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I had a paladin once in a game of Iron Kingdoms, he was a paladin of Menoth but because of his not extreme faith because he was a knight of the wall he was ostracised and sent out amongst the faithfull in Cygnar. So anyway after a long game of not much happening and converting a Khador gunmage to the menite faith he ended up on a one way train jouney to the war effort.

The train was faced off with the Deathjack, which is pretty much the personification of all evil on the train lines. My characters response? Get on the front grill of the train and aim a smite evil fuck you cow catcher with stoneblade addendum at the Deathjacks face.

The GM had the deathjack take the blow and derail the train but my paladin passed his save to land on his feet and have the fuck back at it.
In the end he held off the beast as the rest of the party fled and commited sanctified seppuku inside its stomach by igniting his very soul to have one last strike at the dark.

Thus ended the trials of Ezekial Bala, Knight of The Wall, Champion of Menoth.

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You descend in their midst like an Angel of Death and decapitate all of them with a single strike.

[You can now buy Trait: Virtual Warrior(+10 to any virtual combat tests) - 1xp]

Also, you just grew a pair of wings.

What do you do next?

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What if, by some miracle of the emperor, our atoms are reassambled, and we transend marines?

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Aight, /tg/, time for the weekly art dump! Shit out those arts you got hanging in your folders.

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rolled 62 = 62

absolution in faith

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I've been looking for more pictures with this sword-setup, with two matching swords hanging from the belt behind the back.
Do you have any more? Setting doesn't matter.

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If you fail, know that I will honour your memory with promethium and steel, brother.

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Hey, first time poster, medium-short term lurker here.

My friend and I just got into warhammer 40k. We have a mutual friend that seeded the idea and encouraged us to mess around with proxies and the basic rules. Basically I'm saying I have about a 3rd grade comprehension of warhammer strat, heh. I've only played three games, two as proxy tau, one as proxy necron. I only mention this last part because I love the necron models, and playing them wasn't awful (I lost all my matches before you ask). So a few weeks ago I got about 100 dollars worth of necron (some used from local hobby shop, a few direct from the site).

All the proxy matches were 1v1 1k point matches just between me and my friend with our veteran friend overwatching and correcting our issues.

I'm fine with losing, but now that I have real models I want to give winning a real shot, at least have one turn where my friend is in danger of losing! The only downside is I have no idea how to outsmart my friend. He's a min-max kinda player and played proxy IG three times, and then purchased GK.

The real disadvantage I'm worried about my army suffering is one that's very much more personal than army selections: me.

How do I manage rapid fire infantry without phaeron support against a foe that can kite me better and deal more damage or charge me and win in cc? Is our first real match this weekend going to boil down to if I can get into rapid fire rage against him? I feel like rapid fire infantry are something I have yet to truly grasp correctly, and I'd be obliged if you could help out.

If anyone is curious (I'm understandably timid as a first time poster) I'll post the units I own, my current plan, and I'll even mention my friend got a dark eldar army too, but I'm not so worried about that matchup and I'm fairly sure that one will be interesting without me needing to ask for help.

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Implying the most beloved Primarch in the Modern Imperium didn't have wings.

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The candle that burns twice as bright burns..

>forever, bitches

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I think the beasts of Hell are of the greater worry. Let the Wolfmen of the north deal with them.

>10 internets if you guess the reference.

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