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>'Blood for the Blood God! A Skull for the Skull Throne!'

>As the daemon howled in triumph over him, Sanguinius drew on his last reserves of strength and power. With a massive effort, he painfully rose to face Ka'banda for the last time.

>'Your cry of victory is mistimed, daemon. I am not finishbed. My vengenace has yet to be taken. I shall not fall at this hour, nor to your bloodied hand.' At this, Sanguinius leapt at the daemon and, seizing it by the wrist and ankle, he raised the beast up high and smashed it down across his knee. The crack of its back breaking shook the masonry upon which they stood and echoed across the Palace grounds, the hordes below watching in silence.

>Sanguinius, now terrible in aspect, lifted the carcass of the daemon above his head. An arc of power danced on his brow as he swung the body around and hurled the broken behemoth into the midst of the daemon's followers. The traitors beat their chests and wailed in dismay. The Blood Angels cheered and the Ultimate Gate was shut tight against the ravening hordes.

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Actually I may have been mistaken. I can't speak for the unit caps (looks like they are set pretty high) but Ultimate Apocalypse looks pretty bitchin'


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Ok so I played a game a game of 40k last week I was playing Blood Angels and was teamed up with a sisters of battle player, after 2 turns of throwing everything I had at Chaos and Daemons I called it quits when I inflicted 0 wounds and lost a squad. I gotta ask if Blood Angels are even viable to use anymore in 6th edition, they got nerfed hard from 6th edition rules, 3 of my best HQs are pitiful (Dante, Mephiston, Astorath) I need to rediscover some new tactics and tricks if they have any left. Help me out guys

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Technically, he only gained that thirst from the taint he incurred from his fight with Ka'Bandha. When Ka'Bandha broke his legs, also, his legion went completely fucking berserk and murdered the rest of the daemons. Which was the true beginning of the Red Thirst.
So you can entirely blame Khorne for that shit.

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rolled 19 = 19

Any houserules for Daemon players in 40k out there? My group just got a deamon player, but he keeps getting swept (I destroyed his army, when he had over his points allowance, only losing 3 of my models in the proccess). We had a rule saying that in turn two everything else he has comes in via outflank, but that didn't help him so much.
Any ideas?

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Also, seeing that someone does care, i shall continue to dump some 40 Stuff.

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And if noone is interested, i'll quit. :D

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Not that I know of.
When dreadfleet came out my manager stayed in the store by himself until 2am or so painting (mostly quick drybrush so it didn't look like shit). I guess he's just the man.
That sucks. We're mostly college students and 30-40's. Only kids on the weekends.

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Emperor loved Sanguinius. Sanguinius was a genuinely nice guy when he wasn't being a mighty warrior and pretty much the best primarch out of the lot. Seriously, even Horus said so.

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Sangy only needs his bare hands.

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You are Sanguinius. You are reborn and your memory is quickly restored. You are currently in the care of a Sororita untilyour body finishes maturing along with your mind. No one else knows you've reincarnated, convincing people will prove to be a challenge and you don't know for sure if you are just the first of many to come.

You obvious have a lot of shit to do, but what do you do first? As in, very first thing you have to accomplish before you can consider anything else?

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Blood Angel and Imperial Guard player here. Don't give a shit, and stopped giving a shit about the time I was accused of being a bandwagon 14 year old after waiting over a year for the Blood Angels to get a 5th edition codex.

I used to care, felt a deep amount of sympathy for you wretched Xeno's and Heretics who are not getting army updates, but really at this point? Fuck you butthurt assholes. My sympathy level for you mother fuckers hit zero a long time ago.

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one of the only ones I have with ol' sangy

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Huh? Why is he out? Because when he was already wounded from fighting a super blood thirster he fought Chaos-empowered Horus and lost?
He is still in the running.

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Go play something else then. Enjoy your second place games.

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