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Near the big Ass Tits.

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Rolled 85, 69, 95 = 249

So, uh, what number of dice do we roll? If I've rolled incorrectly, I can re-do this.

>Name: The Slaughterous Vagabond (TM)
>Color: Green
>Fluff: In a barfight, the orcish scolar Sonagh Mudagog Dumbuk won all the rights to the establishment itself. Determined to serve quality beer, make profits, and spread the glories of capitalism and orcish philosophy, he's decided to expand the humble business into a marketing empire. Every race united, one single nation under booze and copyright!
>Race: Orcs
>Territory: If we're allowed to fill this in, around the British Isles

Action 1: CAPITALISM cannot occur without an army. We require a bunch of earnest, hard-working people to build the nation on, who will enforce the will of each individual and protect them, while serving them to the death. We search around and hire barmaids. Do not discriminate based on race, gender, etc; any barmaids will do.

Action 2: Any empire, even a capital empire, needs resources to expand. Aquire materials for brewing beer.

Action 3: Research new forms of booze and alchohol, new brews to spread among the populace.

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This. You need a viable genetic base in order to achieve long term survival (i.e. Minimize inbreeding). I forget the exact ratio, but I think it's around 30 women and 8 dudes. Each woman has to bear a child from each male and reproduction would have to be controlled for a few generations before there was enough diversity and minimized risk of inbreeding before that could end and everything go back to normal.

Your species will be significantly weakened from its peak, of course, because of the small size of the original gene pool, but it won't keel over and die unless it is culled back to that original size which would further limit the genetic diversity.

This is why eugenics pisses me off, they didn't get the real point of Darwin. Yes, the "weak" or "retarded" people might be a drain, but if something we never thought possible happened they might just be the ones best able to survive it. Sickle-Cell Anemia makes you resistant to malaria for instance. It is why such "undesirable" traits exist. To eliminate them is to jeopardize the future survival of humanity.

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Yeah, like that comic.

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redhead character

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Noble savage you say?

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I'm sorry I don't see it.

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Good luck on that front for him. A rank Instinct ain't nothing to fuck with. Again, we'll probably have to allow him to get his kicks torturing her. But we can keep from being raped by Tius by leveraging an apparent balls-out fanatical devotion to established church doctrine and the mission it intrusted to the Inquisition.

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"I did wonder about you and the Lady of the Crosswalk every now and again. Anything interesting happen since I left that town? I haven't really been able to get any news from the continent here."

I think it's time we checked up on the old rumor mill. That thing is either going to kill us or save our bacon. It must be managed expertly.

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Or very bad at magic. Also possible.

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We'll see what the Demon Lord pulls. I'll tell you my answer after that. I get info, then I choose. I'm playing this like a true magus. If she ports her to the castle and we bring one of her horns we'd have the proof that we "killed" her with zero chance of being found out.

And if he did lose an arm while in Church Town they have replacements. If only we had guns, I'd vote for Vash's Gun Arm. Oh well, Wolverine Claw Arm would still be cool.

For everyone to survive. Don't much care about the Waifus because I like them all. Harem end or no, I want them alive and happy. Yes, even if it is in the arms of another man (or woman, I ain't against the Yuri).

My only problem with MLA is that the worst girl won Slutmika a slut. These girls are all good so I want them alive and happy. With at least one in our bed.

But I know this will rely on the dice. We just saw what they almost did to us. They'll follow through eventually.

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I like it when a character is both buff AND smart

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Pretty much this. General consensus decides the path. If there's an apparent deadlock then roll for which one you take. As for what say, pick the one that either the consensus likes or which one you feel is so fuckawesome you can't help yourself, and there's nothing wrong with "combining" answers if they result in awesome. Remember, players like to be cool and awesome/get what they want, preferably at the same time.

All in all, just be sure that the players feel that their input is received and used, and that it really affects the path of the story. A quest is similar to any tabletop game. If the players don't feel that they're influencing things in a real way they will lose interest or get mad. No player likes to be railroaded, after all.

We players and the GM, together, tell a "collective" story, not filling in the blanks the GM is drawing when making his own. We're "authors" too, GM just provides setting and a general direction. This oversimplifies it but that is the gist of it, as it were.

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A little hint, Machiavelli wrote "The Prince" not as advice, but more as an expose on how things were/are. After all, it's harder to manipulate people if they know how they're being manipulated. His "Discourses on Livy" is closer to his actual ideological alignment. Much less of an asshole in that one, he actually believed in democracy and saw the transition of Rome from a republic to a dictatorship to be a bad thing.

As for Ayn Rand, I hate her guts, but she wasn't about fucking people over for personal gain. Or at least, didn't see it as something to be praised. She just disregarded indirect fuck-overs. Y'know, if inventing the lightbulb puts millions out of work or your morally acceptable actions cause others distress, fuck em'. They're just getting in the way of progress, innovation, happiness, your success, ect.

I do wish people would put more effort into their research when it comes to philosophies. Many of them are unduly vilified.

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Why yes. Anime in General

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You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

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