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You're right, adults are talking.

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I was about to post trinisphere but I then remembered a card which is even worse.
There is no good justification for cards like these.

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>What are you playing?
Oloro Combo/Control.
Narset Voltron/SuperBestFriends.
Daretti Wacky Artifacts.
Vorel Creature Deck.
>What are you building?
Considering changing daretti into bosh. Trying to upgrade Narset to be more defensive as I attract way too much hate.
>What is an underrated card that you think is an EDH gem?
Pic related. Absolutely crushes some decks.

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What's that one card that makes you tremble in fear?

This is it for me. I can counter it for my Esper deck, but no luck for Daretti.

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>Dredge players are the good guys
stopped reading there

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That reminds me... how badly does the average legacy deck do when you manage to land a Rest in Peace on 2?

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Yes. But if Rest in Peace is on the battlefield, and a creature is dealt lethal damage, it is destroyed, but it does not die because it never reaches the graveyard. I was explaining this nuance to somebody who has difficulty understanding that corner cases in Magic are allowed to require hairsplitting or counterintuitive results if it results in an overall increase in game elegance.

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This makes sense, but what would happen if the same player controlled both Grave Betrayal and Rest in Peace?
Does the player get to choose in which order the abilities enter the stack?

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Pic related for an example in block. There are loads better ones though.

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What are you gonna do now?
But, seriously RiP is already in my sideboard.
Guess you'll just have to remove the whole deck, which is entirely possible because I certainly will not be shuffling my graveyard back.

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Selesnya hates every other Guild Leader except Aurelia huh?

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I fuckin hate zombies.

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