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FFFFFfffffaaahahaha I see what u did thar

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Sean's head snaps around to Ian with the biggest, most off-center shit-gobbling snigger you've ever witnessed. "OH LAWDY WHAT A TWIST!" he leers. "WHAT A SEXY, SEXY oomph-" you elbow him out of the way.

"Tell us, Ian," you say, dangerously soft. "Tell us what measures were required to defend your virginity."


"Yeah, the magic strength," Sean drawls. "I talked with Sakamoto about that. Only Trude and Erica can manage anything significant without their Strikers boosting and focusing the power; and only because German Witches have a predisposed genetic talent for it."

"Gen-et-ic?" you say, savoring all three syllables with wonder.

"Fuck you," Sean replies smoothly. "Yeah. Perrine's like Yoshika, weak as a kitten out of her Striker. So what the fuck is your problem?"

"What the fuck is HER problem!?" Ian objects. "She tried to fucking RAPE me-"

"-And you tried to shoot her with a fucking cannon when you could've stuffed her in your pillowcase one-handed!" you shout back at him. "What the HELL is wrong with you two? What the HELL!?"

Ian's mouth clamps shut, his eyes blazing, and Perrine just looks at the floor, where a dip in the flagstones is collecting a little puddle of her tears.

>drag an answer out. SAY IT. SAY IT. SAY IT.
>point out the easily observable and let them stew in it

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Almost raged, but... you play the "Hardass McFucker" thing too well to hate.

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... okay, I have to admit, that's funny.

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Not gonna lie - thought that was Sarah Palin for a second.

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> Group is hired to kill a few Halloweener's leftenants.
> Hears about this "Birthday party" at a club down in downtown.
> Doesn't follow up, fails to learn that Birthday is the clubs B'day, everyone's there. Like, 80 + gangers.
> They set up, surround the place. Plans are created for dealing with all the security systems.
> Infiltrator manages to smuggle Sammy's arsenal in through the roof, while the sammy gets in unarmed as a club-goer.
> Lures the leader into the bathroom. Bone Density 4 does the rest.
> Gets Auto-Shotgun. Grins. Annouces that he's going to deal with the rest of the ganger's en-mass.
> Rest of the team does their thing, ends up this vallhallan massacre ensures. Sammy deals with something like 45 of them himself.
> My face:

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