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What is the average size of a chaos fleet? The Black Legions is supposed to be insanely large, I picked that up at least. But reading the night lords novels it seems the entire combined fleet of the Night Lords is only around 250 between the entire legion remnants, with a few thousand slaves and some more thousand servitors.
But reading Blood Gorgons, a renegade fleet, they seem to have a lot more marines then that, but less slaves.
I know it defeats the nature of Chaos, but is there any average we can try to poke numbers at?

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I'm about halfway through the book Blood Gorgon, but I've not read Flesh and Iron. A more reasonable force? How so?

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A broad accusation, loyalist filth. But I suppose you all enjoy hearing your own voices, and the feeling of standing over others.

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how bout Wrath Marines?

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From one of my favorite recent works by BL. I was a little butthurt for while because they didn't follow the narrative of a more stylized mask, but it's still so badass, it hurts.

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So, anybody read Blood Gorgons by...Something Zou?

I just finished it myself. Entertaining, definitely made me think about finishing a real Chaos army (or picking up Black Crusade, at least).

I wanted to know what other stories of the Traitor Marines I could fill my heretical head with. Especially good ones.

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