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>What books do i need to play Warcry proper?
Core Manual + the relevant Grand Alliance book for your faction is what you'll want to get started. The ToC isn't something you need to start but I would say it's nigh-on mandatory for fleshing out narrative play if you want to start playing campaigns.
>or just getting one of the boxes that they made with mixed models+cards and use those before getting the big stuff
It sorta depends. For the AoS factions in terms of playability right out of the box I'd rank them as follows:
>makes a good warband right out of the box, no extras needed tier
Flesh-Eater Courts, Skaven, Ironjawz
>makes a decent enough warband right out of the box but you probably want to supplement them with some extras tier
Stormcast Vanguard (gryph-hounds), Legions of Nagash (vargheists), Sylvaneth (dryads)
>includes units you'll probably want in some number at a bit of a discount but you'll need an extra box to put together a decent warband tier
Gloomspite Gitz (shootas/stabbas), Kharadron Overlords (arkanauts)
>this box is made of everything BUT the core of a good warband, what the fuck tier

For the Warcry-specific factions like Iron Golems, Untamed Beasts, etc it's generally a better idea to get the double sized boxes. You get double the sprues for a $15 price increase over the regular boxes and they don't come with the cards, but having 2 sets of guys really opens up the list building potential for them. Unfortunately all the newest original warbands (Spire Tyrants, Scions, Shadowstalkers) have yet to get boxes like this.

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>What other Warcry factions are s-tier?
Arguably SCE vanguard and maybe like one other that escapes me at the moment.
>How are tiers in Warcry in general?
I'll re-write my comprehensive tier list for you later today, I seem to have lost the file.
I'll give you the TL;DR of it now though, the games balance is better than some people seem to give it credit for - it's not perfect and not as good as some other games like Kill Team, but still better than a lot of people claim. The majority of teams fall solidly into B-tier (yes, even a decent chunk of the 8.8 warbands).
Most complaints about the AoS teams as a whole being imbalanced come from a small handful of top-tier teams skewing peoples perception of the AoS warbands overall, and people trying to take their terribly optimized starter kit warbands against AoS warbands that naturally tend to have some degree of optimization put into them because you actually had to look at the cards and build a list before going out and getting the minis because they're not all bundled in a convenient box (at least prior to the relatively recent introduction of some AoS faction boxes).

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In my experience the out-of-the-box cult warband tiers are:
Splintered Fang, Cypher Lords
Untamed Beasts, Corvus Cabal,
Spire Tyrants, Iron Golems, Unmade

I'll stress that out of the box, the differences really aren't that pronounced though; I've played a ton with my Golems vs. my friends Fangs, and despite it possibly being our worst matchup because their basic double nullifies our above-average toughness, I've still won close to 50% of my games against them. The out of the box warbands are almost spookily well balanced against one another for a GW game.
If you go all-out with optimizing a warband with multiple boxes/coversions, Golems, Beasts, and Corvus go up a tier.

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They released a whole game about chaos cults duking it out last year, complete with its own line of models.

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Some of the Warcry sculpts are pretty kino.

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Most of the Warcry sculpts has been absolutely kino.

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>I thought the warbands in this game is literally 1 box and 1 box only.
No, the warband boxes are basically just a sample smattering of all the units that get you roughly to a full, basic warband. Unlike Warhammer Underworlds which uses set-in-stone warbands, aside from requiring a leader you can switch out and make any adjustments you please to your warband list within the points allowance in Warcry.

>Do you actually have to buy multiples for somewhat balanced game or is just for real competitive plays?
Generally the out-of-the-box chaos warbands will play just fine into each other for casual play, so you needn't worry there. You're right to assume that none of them are particularly optimized out of one box however.

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Yeah, it feels like GW have their best model designers working overtime on Warcry. Even the warbands I feel kinda meh about still have at least a few sweet sculpts.

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>Is Warcry just AoS Necromunda?
Thematically, the setting and warbands made specifically for Warcry (all the chaos cult ones like Iron Golems, Untamed Beasts, etc) do very much have a Necromunda vibe: they're basically equivelent to low-tier gangers duking it out in a specific, smaller portion of the world that is largely unexplored before the release of the game. The games narrative focus (there's open and matched play too, but campaign play gets the bulk of expansion content) also makes it feel more similar.
Gameplay-wise it has some vague similarities like alternate activations and getting a certain number of actions per activation, but otherwise it's kinda doing it's own thing. The core gameplay is fairly simple and straightforward to facilitate quick, bloody skirmishes.

However, that thematic quality gets kinda lost when you start playing with all the imported AoS factions. In that way it's kind of like a bizarre bastard child of Kill Team and Necromunda: Imagine if you had your Corpse Gringers turn a corner and suddenly they're facing down a Tau strike force.

>What's a good army I can start with?
Honestly I'd just go with whatever you like the look of, the ruleset is streamlined enough that you should be able to figure out how to play even the most complicated warband with relative ease. If you want a thematic experience vaguely equivalent to Necromunda, definitely pick up a box of your favorite cult warband; out-of-the-box they're all fairly even against each other and you'll be able to have a good time.

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There were 8 brand-new factions specific to Warcry featured in the core rulebook and 6 were available within the 2 week launch period in August. The 7th warband, the Spire Tyrants came out with the 2nd wave of AoS card packs about a month and a half ago now, and we have yet to even see the models for the Scions of the Flame.

It's not nearly as bad as how the Necromunda releases were being handled, but it is pretty bizarre how they handled things.

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Assuming you want to get the stats "officially" and not just use scans found online, you'll find the fighter and ability cards for each the following way:
>original chaos warbands specifically made for Warcry
Their stat cards will be in their box.
>First wave AoS warbands
Their stats and abilities can be found in the Tome of Champions. A few of the less popular factions still have their cards for sale on the webstore too, so look for that.
>Second and third wave AoS warbands
In the newly released cardpacks.

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In my experience all of the chaos warbands play reasonably well against each other out of 1 box, but if everyone is interested in further optimization, spending the extra $20 or whatever for the dual box is absolutely worth it - they don't come with the ability or fighter cards, but you can find high quality scans of them in the rules and files folder of this thread.
The Splintered Fang probably have the best variety of units among the basic chaos warbands, as far as I remember.

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