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Hah, a nice try there "mr" Nigma. It was a left-handed trick to expose your plans on /tg/ rather than your susal shitposting designation of /co/. But little did you know that justice stalks on this board too, mostly to survey up and forthcoming superhero- and vigilante themed "Er-pee-gee's". But enough of that, let's decypher your upcoming atrocity;

>The ancient evil empire
The oldest known empire to man was of course Egypt; most civilzations that sprung up near mediterranean on ancient times can't recall time when it didn't exist. But evil ? Not excactly, despite some unscrupulous acts and popular image of slaves building pyramids, Egypt wasn't the picture of world-conquering slavering empire. On the other hand, it's often debated on what excactly ended the glory of egypt ? Was it conquest by Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians or romans, who can each be argued to be more in line with popular image of an "evil empire". But that gives us a context on your plans !

> But it's artifacts are still around
Inside information from Gothams museum tells that they are planning to replace their Greek presentation with one displaying bona-fide Egyptian artifacts! And that information has reached the ears of none other than infamously Olympus-obsessed Maxie Zeus who must be planning on doing something on it - maybe he's planning on crashing the dispaly much like Romans (who worshipped Zeus) crashed Cleopatra's egypt.

> *yawn*
But this simple onoamtopoeia shows your role in this plot. Yawning is often used to show taht someone is tired or bored, and that's excactly what you are planning on orchestrating! By stealing the Egyptian artifacts, the big presentation on Egypt and it's long history would become rather yawn-including indeed. And it will be child's play to do so while Maxie Zeus distracts everyone with his mythological neurosises.

Quick, to the batmobile Robin, we need to save Gothams reputation as egyptology center of America!

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>No bat deduction card

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