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the ascension of balthasar


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Probably 1:1. Aside from a few edge cases like the Sonoritas and the Astartes, the Imperium doesn't give two shits about which set of genitals you came equipped with.

The Mechanicus, especially, are probably 1:1. And they don't give two shits about cuteness.

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Fact: 90% of all Tech Priests were originally female, before they ascended from such fleshy concerns.

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>"These bolters," he grinned, "are the first things to go!"
That monster.

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>based off a pic of a female techpriest
Nice try, Omegon..

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>jamming all sorts of wires and shit
Damned straight.

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That's not what I meant. I did not intend that as a correction of OP's misspelling.

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i literally went daww at that picture

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Adeptus Astrates < Adeptus Mechanicus

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I was joking.
But they do seem to be a religious order in 40k who doesn't value pursuing relationships or pleasures of the flesh.

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Between one and three d100s per individual table, depending how you want to do it (age of Tech-Priest, etc).

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>join machine cult
>get awesome bionics, talk to machines all day
>get dick cut off
You take the good with the bad.

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For the love of god get this done by a competent tech priest or every kill you make could accidentally feed any passing Khorne deamon. Warp hits sacrificial saturation point surrounding the armour and BAM! Deamon, every orifice.

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Hello elegan/tg/entlemen.

Any tips on playing cyborgs/augmented characters in sci-fi or steampunk settings?

Probably some interesting character concepts.

Will bump for a bit with AdMechanicus art.

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My mechadendrites bring all the boys to the yard,
And they're like,
The best forge world's Mars!
Damn right the best forge world's Mars!
We can teach you,
'Bout St. Tesla's electric charge.

I can see the machine spirit.
You want to be just some skitarii?
Tech geeks and freaks with toys
That can't be bought.
Just know: heretics get caught.
Watch out if you're smart,

[Chorus x2]
La la-la la la,
Warm it up.
La la-la la la,
AdMech toys are waiting.

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