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I’ll concede to you that I always let my players roleplay whatever I trust them they can roleplay.

Based post.
Good effort, though you shoot baseless assumptions like a machine gun.

Silicon *life as we know it* is virtually impossible.
Goes for any element or configuration of them.
Our idea of life is shaped by how we live it.

Fungi despite having no neural system still make logical decision. A sentient crystaline structure that is a sort of self-assembled motherboard in presence of a high energy star could perform cognition without any tissues or biological component we can think of.
Consider: life as minimising the entropy through building more complex systems > high gravity pulsar environment of crystaline planets > entropy minimised by progressively more complex structures > eventually they start making decisions and develop cognition. The complex pattern can be reproduced by capturing energy.
Is it a creature or a machine?

Also, the box octopi, bacteria and fungi are functionally immortal to the passage of time.

Based deegeets for a patrician game.

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Extradimensional aliens with motives that defy discertion bar 2 - they really hate demons, and they like messing around with mortals with no real care for the consequences(their latest 'shenanigans' involving setting in motion the events of a race sundering war for the elves for the lolz). This is why they are also hunted by demon hunters.

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What are some interesting ways of handling or justifying alt-forms?

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Given how useful conjuring animals is in general it seems like it'd be a pretty strong subclass.

Not sure it's worth giving up Land spells and the short rest slot recharge, but pretty good.

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Well, there's Old Man Oisin.

When I went through Hellboy I was incarnated as one of the last two members of the Tuatha De Danann (The Dagda being the other).

Background memories had Oisin being the one who raised me, claiming to be a former lover of Flidais bound by oath to protect her line in her absence.

Actually a rather nice fellow, good with kids, pulls off the 'Surrogate Grandfather' role rather well...also a bit crazy, since he charged an Ogdru Hem, unarmed, by himself. Though, he did manage to kill the thing when I passed him a Gungnir rip-off.

Just don't go deer-hunting with him around. Gets rather despondent over it.

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I never realized how much field control Druids get. Makes me wonder why I'd ever play a Wizard.

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Are druids still generally too complicated for beginners in 5e?

Are there any nature-focused playstyles for other classes that I'm missing?

Also, how does alchemy/crafting work in 5e? I'd like to make potions.

I've only played pathfinder so I'm kind of lost.

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The old version on the site still works, kind of.

Stand Name: Pothole

Stand Ability: [Positive Energy Manifestation](http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Positive_Energy_Manifestation)

Power - B

Speed - C

Range - A

Durability - A

Precision - C

Potential - B

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Who /druid/ here, /jc/?

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What are the reasons to play Druid over another class? I've never had one in a game and they seem underwhelming reading thru the PHB, altho I haven't looked enough into the Unearthed Arcana except for checking up on the Nuclear Druid build.

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Just a any and all art, whatever you guys got, need inspiration for Gming

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If their bloodline is linked to something immortal/incredibly long lived they can tap into that immortality through a ritual? Or maybe by pushing their rages to the limits they enter a sort of eternal rage. as long as they're raging they don't age because they're sustained by the coursing blood.
Enters into world tournament-esque battle tower run by death. By consistently defeating opponents death keeps him alive for the enjoyment of spectral watchers. Eventually challenges death to a fight. Win = immortality nsa, lose = existence wipe
Becomes a part of the karmic wild hunt. Similar to druid reincarnations but he gets a better reincarnation form depending on how successful of a reincarnation his previous life was. Success is relatively compared. If he stops hunting he dies.
By careful study of the world around him he gains necro-precognition. Gains gut feeling/understanding of what paths and actions lead to death.
By devotion to one ancestry she can become speaking voice fo rthat ancestry to all other shamans.
Creates epic about herself and her journies and spreads it to other bards and skalds. Once her physical body dies they continue to tell her tales, but sometimes they create new tales for her seemingly as though she had done it and told them herself. In actuality she is living out the stories vicariously by manipulating her tales from beyond the grave.
Someone puts out a hit on the Slayer as he accepts a hit on his own assassin. Slayer is supposed to die from this assassin according to death himself. Slayer kills his assassin in a bizarre-reality-breaking way and manages to survive. Since he "missed his own death" he can no longer actually die.
>literally jack sparrow

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Fear not, child. All things travel in cycles. Where the fruit of your soul falls, your memories may be gone, but what made those memories worth making will remain.

Burden not the seedling with the aches of the old oak, as your forebears have not burdened you.

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> Come up with an interesting pantheon of a dying world
> the gods are suffering as the earth suffers
> Realize that no matter how I try it probably won't fit in my light-hearted underwater adventure setting
This is a real thing that happened

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I can't into druids, /pfg/. How do I get in the right mindset to play a right and proper Druid?

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> not being up to date on Kafka
Jeeze, what a faggot. Amirite?

Also on a relevant note:
Origin stories
Why does every campaign need a long, complex mythology. I have to memorize a new one every time even if it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

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