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>More applause, joy, general congratulations all around, we just survived what should have killed us all
>Wait, Commissar was only 13 meters from walker
>ST and medic sprint to commissar, who succeed in planting the charges, and as they exploded, the walker also detonated, hitting him with the blast
>Making it to his cover, what do they find? Bastard took no damage, the blast wave only knocked him off his feet 1 meter
>As the Commissar approached the Medic, still clenching the Tread Fether, he took of his hat and placed it on the Kriegers helmet
<"Here, you can wear that today"

And so, I'm anticipating more interesting, and incredibly close, misadventures

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Could the Guard have fought off the armies of Mordor?

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whats the average life expectancy of IG units beyond guardsmen like (Ex, a Commissar) and what are the chances of surviving a tour as a guardsmen like?

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>Most imperial guard tactics are not human wave shit
No, they actually are.

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>IG thread
Fuck yes!

So /tg/, why is guard the best faction?

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Your Imperial Guard regiment is stranded on an inhospitable world, without any contact with any imperial forces offworld, besieged by a horde of savage orks. Supplies are thin, and rescue is uncertain. However, as your squad is out looking for usable supplies, you come across this strange piece of ancient technology, in the rubble of a ruined village:


How will this monumental discovery affect your campaign for survival? could it be your salvation, or just another footnote in the records of a doomed regiment?

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So /tg/, I lovve me to read your stories. I dont have much of my own because i dont get to play games very often, so share away, any system, any game, any setting, I just want to read some good or bad stories, either its the campaign or your group.

Pic unrelated, but IGs be awesome.

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About Dragon wielding, Whale riding Cyborgized Lin Kuei Assassins of course.

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The resemblence is striking....

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>Voice acting of first movie


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Looks pretty euro-centric to me. Go on, what's the Chinese themed guard army called?

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Also, scores to beat: 15, 9, 10.

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As a heavily industrialized and militarized planet, Cadia is able to supply the Shock Troopers with the finest equipment available. Their uniforms are camouflaged to suit the various terrains found in the Cadian wilderness.[4a] The M36 Kantrael lasrifle, the stock lasgun of the Shock Troopers, is noted for its robustness compared to other lasgun marks.[4b] The standard Cadian tri-dome helmet and mark XI re-breather allows Shock Troopers to withstand poison and gas attacks, as well as plague weapons, and permit limited operation within an airless environment.[3b] Officers are also noted for wearing a distinctive gorget used to contain refractor field generators.[3b] Cadian-pattern Grenade Launchers are the preferred squad support weapon of Cadian infantry,[3c] a twenty-round drum-fed weapon which fires 40mm Frag and Krak grenades with considerable recoil,[11b] while autocannons are favored among heavy weapon squads.[3c]

Selecting cadians, you+ hear shouts of surprise, and you yourself are somewhat surprised at the numbers of Cadians,+ as you four+ platoons appear in full parade+ readiness, situated next to your desk.

Its not very many,+ but due+ to your+ bonuses, you+ are guaranteed to get+ more as you fight more battles.

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Roll a 3d20.

Lower is better.

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So, do any of you guys have your own Homebrew IG regiments you'd like to share? I've been working on my own for a few days, and I'd like to hear what you lot have come up with.

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And a flak armour reference that I need to add to the other reference pic

>iferpr baldest
The Blood Ravens have an interest in this request, it seems.

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I actually kinda wonder what armies are the most popular among servicemen. Because I know /k/ has a boner for IG.

>Dem space nuggets

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What's a good starting army for a beginner to WH40K?

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This is how /I/ Only War

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Olenus Primaris... where the hell did it all go so very wrong?
A week has pasted since the full 20 Regiments of the campaign landed planetside. The mission parameters: subjugation or elimination of a rebelious populist movement lead by the Subsector Governor, Goliath Mekanus, which had gripped all three primary hive cities. Plagued from the start by equipment shortages, poor logistics support, and nonexistant supply lines, the campaign's success seemed decades away, especially considering that the rebel elements possessed vastly higher quality weapons and heavy ordinance than had been expected. Even worse, High Command was silent, giving little to no support to those on the ground. Spirits among the loyal Guardsmen soared when the Astartes arrived in orbit; Ultramarines, First and Second Companies, and with them the fresh and fully supplied Cadian 842nd. The men joked that at least the Space Marines arrived at the start of the campaign to steal the glory, and not after decades of bloody warfare. But then the shit really hit the fan.

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Hello /tg/. A friend and I were discussion 40k while playing DoW as we usually do, when an interesting question was brought up.

What does the sky on Cadia look like? I'd imagine the proximity of the Eye of Terror would create a rather interesting sky, especially at night, for the Cadians.

Is there any artwork depicting this?

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I had decided that I would try to get away from everyone one day, and just relax in the shade. This planet was a searing hot dustball but at least it had some trees to hide under. Once I had found a suitable spot, I stretched out on the luke-warm sand. Here I could just lay back, rest my head against the bark of the tree's trunk, and let the cool winds swoop over me. Everytime a breeze came by I could feel a tingle of sensation in my ears. Then a little bearded man, and I mean little like a child but hairier, popped out from behind the tree casually. He always found a way to sneak up on you like that.

He gave me an overly ceremonious bow, before asking, "And what are you doing out here?" I replied by rolling my eyes. "Same old Cassandra. Anyways, I came here to warn you."

That made me sit up. He explained everything to me clearly. We were going to be running headlong into the enemy trenches, setting our presents gift wrapped with trip wire and destroying any heavy weapons we could find then run back before the enemy retaliate. It was all rather routine, but the enemy we were facing weren't stupid or easily broken. They were Mutants from the Screaming Vortex, driven by something similiar to the Imperial Faith but we never knew or cared what they owed their allegiance to.

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Greetings /tg/, I have returned once again to run a Regiment Creation Thread. Since the Only War Beta is out, we should make a few gems to add to /tg/'s created forces.

Last night we made Jord's 13th Selous Wolverines. A regiment raised from a Schola specializing in scouting, recon, sharpshooting, and stealth.

Now then, onto the main event! Please roll a 1d8 for our regiment's homeworld.

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