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Because marines and chaos marine players attract the biggest autists

your dudes is always cancer

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Follow >>28002961, then consider what you personally find cool. Each army has their speciality and disadvantages, but it doesn't matter if its not something you personally think is cool. Afterall, they are "YOUR GUYS". So don't just pick Necron or Grey Knights because someone says they have a winning strategy. Just think "Yeah, I think Catholic Space Nazis are cool" and go Black Templar. Think "World War II was my favorite war" and go Imperial Guard. If drunken space vikings are your thing, go Space Wolves. If you like spikes, spikes everywhere, go Chaos. If you played Starcraft to death with the Zerg, maybe go with the Tyranids.

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Let's look back these last 12 months ago.
6E came out, the way GW releases new rules and such has never been more rapid and streamlined.
I think the're doing pretty well at the moment.
Sure prices have skyrocketed overall, but they didn't so much change the models prices, save for the jewy Dire Avengers and Baneblade nerfs.
Not that bad, no?

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Bring thee rumors, /tg/. Someone has seen the packaging for some of the new releases. Here's basically some of the 'big' kits that are coming:

Darkwing/Shadowbird - Dual-kit DA flyer. Boxy design like the SM flyers, but very flat. Has triangular shape like the IG Arvus. Darkwing is a bomber, Shadowbird is an air superiority fighter. Both are piloted by Watchers in the Dark.

Kroot Skyroc - Flying Monstrous Creature, can carry and drop 20 kroot. It's a huge bird-like creature with kroot features. Can vector strike multiple units if they are all in it's movement line but it becomes progressively weaker.

Chaos Malefactor/Mortificator - Dreadnought-sized daemon engine dual-kit, much more fleshy than the new marine *fiends. Both are shooty, but malefactor is mid-field firepower and mortificator is basically an artillery. Both have a "soul cage" rule that lets them earn soul tokens that can be used up to improve one of multiple aspect of their shooting.

Eldar Wraithspecter - A very large wraith construct (a bit taller than the dreadknight) with a banshee pilot inside. No ranged weapons, but has multiple mobility options

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I think the problem is that the cycle of darkness has been completely fucked up. Back in the day, people would enjoy bright colourful stuff in their childhood and early teens, then grow into darker works as young adults. The problem became that teenagers desperately want to seem mature and deep so they turned into the guy in the OP.

The result of this is that companies started marketing to the group with the most disposal income (ie not theirs, their parents'), teenagers, who are grimdark. Grimdarkness is what was created, so it has what teenagers like about "mature" fiction (sex, blood, nihilism) and lacks any actual integrity or purpose. Now it's adults who are barraged by grimdark so much that they want just a little of the lighter stuff they enjoyed when they were younger, because everything's trying so hard now.

So I don't know. I hope companies take control and can establish that it's okay to not be a tryhard, goffick asshole and that they aren't going to market primarily to those people.

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Dark Angel, Tau and Eldar players - you are next in line for updates. How do you feel about getting an update now that the first 6th ed codex is out?

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>>getting free pizza!

damn we should have done that in that apocalypse game the weirdos would have shit out a kidney in rage!

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i was looking for that to win an argument with somebody the other day! I knew I hadn't fucking dreamt it when I was high

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does the word grim dark mean any thing to you
the game is suppose to be depressing

this isn't bright hammer

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Primarch=Apostles (Horus=Judas/Lucifer)
What/who else?

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There are a number of other worlds and the map with its warp routs really tie it all together and really seems to have the players interested, at least for now.

It helps that the majority of the plothooks they've gotten so far has been pointing in this direction.

Feel free to steal or just take inspiration. And please do post how it turns out, I do enjoy a good story.

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derp, forgot to remove my name tag, sorry

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>A single bolt pistol shot to the farseers head will solve all the problems. The Eldar will no longer have a reason to bother them.
I like you. I think I'll do just that. Sadly my GM loves his eldar and I'll get a heart attack or something before I do.

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Tis a glorious day /tg/!!!!!!! I start my job monday and i can finally start collecting 40k which ive been very interested in for the past few months.

So in light of these great events lets start a general 40k thread! Fluff that you like or irks you, army lists,why you collect the army/ies you do ,conversions, painting, advice etc all welcome here!!!!

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He is getting some mixed up stories there.
The thing is, some nids were going crazy in some imperial city. Guys smeared themselves in guts to stay hidden, killed every nid there was inside.
Not sure where it was. Rulebook? Old codex?

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