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Anon why

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>people hating on quest
>All the ones I liked either turned to shit or died
Ghostbusters: Japan, never forget
Also, Drift: The Line

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>Play an impulsive character because I can't roleplay consistently for shit, so choosing a character that acts on the first thing that comes to mind is very easy to do
>Because of this keep getting set on stupid paths that eat up session time
>No one else ever wants to do anything in character at the time when I'm pulling off this stupid shit
>Feel bad because I know that I'm "stealing the spotlight" and acting like a royal prat, but I don't know what else to do that is not just rolling dice for combat

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Sorry, had to restart firefox.


You have all probably noticed I'l post without my trip at least once, maybe twice a thread.

That's because, both times, Firefox crashed.

No, I don't know why it clears my fucking history every time. I DO know it still fills in NOKO (instead of lowercase noko) on touhou-project EVERY FUCKING TIME and won't forget it, though.

I fucking hate this browser

so much

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>Dr.Brights Brother/cousin/whatever
>Has the power to take illnesses from people
>Dr.Bright intentionally had him take mental illnesses from people in order to effectively lobotomize him
>Dr.Bright makes it very clear he is to be treated like an SCP and not like a person

>The Magic Camera that makes picture of what people would rather be doing at the time
>Take a picture of this brain dead kid as he plays with blocks
>He's sobbing

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They're still closing down nearly all of their stores though. Including the one in my town.

>mfw there is no longer a good bookstore where I can go and pick up something to read and have a nice cup of coffee within a 100-mile radius of where I live.

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>Searching. Searching... and finding. Second Lieutenant Dray Parson, your Intelligence Officer, sits with his back against the base of the command console and facing the wall. His knees are drawn up to his chest, his face buried within, sobbing. Hands on his head, he is gripping and pulling at his hair, tufts of it already lying on the floor around him and trickles of blood running from his torn scalp.

omigod omigod omigod

"I don't have any family. Never did, you know? Big reason I made Captain, in fact. And now I don't even have my body. My family is my crew. You're mine, Parsons. You're all I've got. I died for you once, and I'd do it again, so... come back with me, son. Come home."

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Wait what?
Jaques seriously died?

Damn, I liked his novels and the short lived animated series.
They were good wholesome medieval fun.

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So finally it's getting late in the day, my sister's husband will be getting home soon, my mother and sister go to clean up but "that girl" steps in and refuses, stating that she can carry more than either of them anyway. Mother and sister marvel at the achievement of technology, saying that I should get something like that.

My sister then shows me around a bit, where I'll be sleeping and whatnot. I ask her what she means and she says we'll be staying the night obviously, me and "that girl" as guests. Naturally I try to object but she won't hear anything of it, I haven't been home in years and I can afford to spend more time and have dinner with my family. "That girl" is a friend, a guest, and we are indebted to her, it's only natural we show hospitality.

I can't fucking believe it.

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Why you do dis. ;-;

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We're DEAD!!!

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