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Are there any decent 40k bitz stores in Europoor that don't have insane 20 - 30 euro postage fees?

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what are we memorializing for those not in the know here guys

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Why are all of these new MTG sets so awful? What purpose is there in buying these new cards if the ones played in Legacy are simply better, more powerful cards? Why can't they just print cards that blow those legacy staples out of the water, or simply put some worthwhile reprints into these sets? This does not make any sense. Why would anyone want to pay money for cards that are objectively worse than what's been out forever?

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Why can't they just reprint the good, sought after cards and make new sets out of those reprints instead of constantly introducing new, disgustingly underpowered cards nobody is going to play, anyway?

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>Ezekiel 23:19-20.
>19 Yet she became more and more promiscuous as she recalled the days of her youth, when she was a prostitute in Egypt. 20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

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Am I the only one who thinks the emphasis in speech bubbles in comic books is usually very weirdly placed? I can understand the emphasis on "200 quintillion tons", "tripled", "still" and "good", but...
>You've manifested ONE new super-power and OTHERS may appear
those are some weird words to emphasize.

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If red ones go faster, why aren't the best orcs red?

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>tfw I somehow started thinking "Judeau" was French for "Jew"

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>posted 15:06:36

>posted 15:06:20

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You're... not serious, are you?

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How far do you think players should be allowed to go in fighting one another, before the GM has to step in stop them by force?

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>no balls yo
How's that turning out for you? Are you on hormones or something? Is sex physically possible for you? I remember reading somewhere that eunuchs can still get erections and ejaculate, but being born without balls isn't exactly the same as being a eunuch.

>Might try politics
Do it. Crash this degenerate civilization with no survivors.

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Ironically... you're right. I guess that's the best way to describe my attitude towards women in general. I detest most individual women, but I'm in love with the Platonic Ideal of a woman. What upsets me is probably that the reality is such an offensive mockery of the Ideal of a woman. It'd be like presenting a child's spaghetti portrait as if it were the Mona Lisa.

Don't bother calling me weird, I know I'm weird.

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>Catholic dwarves

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yiou are a fucking idiot my man

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That does bring up something I never understood.
>Sex is treated like a reward for men that women give away if the man impresses them enough
>Nonetheless men are expected to perform while women lie back and do nothing

I don't get it. It's like having a job except instead of a salary you get overtime... as a reward for performing well during your regular work hours. You might as well masturbate at that point because at least then there's no highly critical audience.

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I honestly don't get the appeal.
>M-Muh childbearing hips
Fair enough but pear shapes are like a parody of that, a grotesque exaggeration with nothing at the top to balance it out.

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A bit off-topic but...

Is it bad to allow a self-insert if he isn't a Mary-sue or a special snowflake and knows his place?

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The warhammer universe sounds interesting with heresy, god emperors, purging and whatnot but I have zero interest in the gaming aspect is it still possible to enjoy the franchise?

I've spent thousands of hours tabletop gaming I'm just not into it anymore.

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>Beauty and the Beast
>It's painfully obvious that it takes place in France
>Lumière is the only one with a French accent

What does this mean? Is he like, double-French? Is the village all of this takes place in one of those vacation spots that gets overrun by British tourists every summer with Lumière being the only native?

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What the fuck are you on about, man? I hate yuri-quests but I'm the minority. You'll get some fags hating from the sidelines but the player majority is pretty pro-yuri as is.

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>Every time I read OotS, I somehow end up rooting for the villains
Is this weird? Is it just me?

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>The only vulnerable parts of the woman are the breasts, the vagina and possibly the butt and clavicles

Does this mean the power of the uterus can be counteracted by a monk subclass known as the cuntpunter, that specializes in various vagina-centric attacks?

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