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Alright TG its time to knock our heads together and come up with some ideas.

So I was thinking about identical twins and how its just a fun little "secret" about the human race. Imagine you are at the orc tavern, with your orc buddies and this old orc tells you a tale about how he once had to fight a duo of warriors that were exactly the same, but they were made of flesh and blood and no magic at all was involved in their creation.

Doesn't that sound like such bullshit when you think about it?

So what do you say we create some unique birth anomalies for all the iconic races? Any stories surrounding this birth anomaly? Bonus points if you can include what happened to the embryo to produce the result(extra bonus points for not saying mutation or magic).

I'm also quite interested in the anomalies that the Mass Effect races would have.

Here is a list of human birth anomalies off the top of my head.

Identical & Fraternal Twins
Extreme variation in skin tone

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"Wanna bone the hottest chick in the school? We can help!"

"100 wizard-bucks, cash"

"Nah its coo' man, this shit is totally legal. Just ah... don't tell anyone where you bought it, after you do the deed"

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>Read over a friends backstory
>He was an evoker in a strict wizard academy
>Hey spent his time pranking with the gnome that went to the academy
>Archmage tell him he is a brilliant young man with so much raw talent but his behaviour will get him killed
>Nah my raw talent is gonna get erryone else killed gramps
>Leaves the school and becomes a warmage
>Gnome bro leaves too and becomes an artificer apprentice
>Months later we meet his gnome friend in game
>The start talking.
>We wait around for weeks wondering what they are doing
>They come back with a tesla cannon
Their faces when

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