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Entirely possible I suppose. I wouldn't even be against that if it was done well. It's hard for GMs to keep the group on a path, so if the players are given clues about how the GM wants them to proceed that could help everyone's enjoyment.

One of the movies has her not looking like a child and with an eyepatch? Maybe I need to watch more of them.

I think I'm actually a bit of That Guy atm. A friend of mine is running a game and one of their players had to roll up a new character. In the backstory they decided to add a royal family into the already established world, of which they're a part, and the evil uncle is having assassins sent after the PC cuz reasons. My friend is pissed that a whole new faction was added and that she now has to think of how to fit in assassins coming after this PC. Which is where I come in.

I've never played this particular game before and wanted to give it a shot. Friend helped me make a character, and the next game they start up I'll be joining. Friend needed another player to fill a slot in current game while a player goes on vacation for a few weeks so I said sure, I'd join in. Friend and I were talking and I asked if there was anything I could do to make Friend's life easier. Friend joked that I could kill aforementioned PC so they didn't have to think about assassination attempts, and then thought on it and seriously asked me if I would.

>mfw I have to kill a player in a system I've never played before in such a way that the group doesn't immediately kill me for it
Thankfully I and the new PC are joining the game in the same session.

Anywho, joining with the intent of killing off a PC probably makes me That Guy, but I'm ok with this.

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Clearly OP's elf is all about the HFY

That pic is amazing. And I am stealing it!

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>Just get in the wagon.

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Rolled 63 (1d100)

and the dive for home base takes the win

>roll 1d100 for fuck the Muse Police

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>Variants are not the same.. but they are extremely similar with a standard base.

At least someone fucking gets it.

>Then explain what would
Adding some else besides Ki and calling it original. Slapping a spoiler on a car doesn't make it unique, it just makes it a car with a spoiler among a million other cars with spoilers. See where I'm coming from?

>Then stop bothering me.

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