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That's tobias capwell's personal suit of armour he had made to exacting standards. He is (or was, not sure) the curator at the Wallace Collection in the U.K.
That's him inside it, to illustrate how armour on mannequins doesn't really convey the presence and poise of good armour worn properly.
Further viewing for your entertainment:

I've got some for ya, OP.

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I'll go ahead and dump my assorted character art.

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bumping. I know you fa/tg/uys have some gems hidden away.

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so, /tg/ I'm getting ready to run a game of burning wheel and currently working on the setting. Right now, the start of the adventure is going to take place in the regional trade hub known as Melting point. Which serves as the main link between the Dwarven mountain fortress/desert oasis and the human settlements closer to the coastline. As well as what remains of scattered tribes of elves that didn't get messed up. thing is I'm not sure what exactly to throw at them right now, I'm running them as typical adventurers and that leaves me open to quite a few things really. So Tl:dr what do I throw at a party in a stereotypical fantasy setting?

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God wills it!

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