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Bumpan with random pics.

Guys, please.

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Then you have sealed the fate of Paris, and those who reside therein.

The order is given! Paris is to be burned to the ground and any Raider may take as many slaves as he sees fit! The rest are to be driven out of the city. Any who resist are to be put to the sword.

((Pic un-related...or is it?))

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Greetings fellow fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls, I'm looking for some constructive MTG criticism regarding my casual ping deck.

Viridian Longbow x4
Ornithopter x2
Steel Wall x2
Razorfin Hunter x3*
Quicksilver Dagger x1**
Sigil of Sleep x4
Pemmin's Aura x2
Prodigal Sorcerer x2
Horseshoe Crab x4
Lightning Axe x2
Arcane Teachings x1
Embermage Goblin x4
Vulshock Sorcerer x4
Lightning Bolt x4
Prodigal Pyromancer x2
Izzet Boilerworks x1
12 Mountains
9 Islands
All coming to a grand total of 63 cards.
* I plan on obtaining another one of these.
** Thinking about either picking up another one of these, or dropping them in favor of Curiosity x2. Couldn't find any of them at my local singles shop, unfortunately.

Also considering dumping Prodigal Sorcerer in favor of Cunning Sparkmage.

I apologize for this seeming fairly rag-tag, as much of my deck comes from my friend's library of cards and I work mostly with what I've got.
Pic unrelated.

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rolled 3 = 3

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What is the best edition of Call of Cthulhu?
me and my friends are looking to start our first game

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In return what do you guys want? 40k pics or somthing else from my /tg/ folder?

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sup /tg/

epic battle music thread maybe?

I'll be using this one in my next campaign (mostly for the convenience):


Cthulhu for your attention.

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Humanity is weak.

Humanity will fall.

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I have no description for this image because I believe it needs no description.

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