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>>So these Or"K"s are big, green and talk with a retarded accent and shoot randomly?

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Orks on a whole aren't serious, except when they are.

Again, you're essentially saying that anything with comic relief is a comedy.

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>If it was a marine shedding a manly tear at the sight of thousands of burning xenos corpses, you would have liked it. Hypocrite!
Nope, since I fucking hate SMwank. One of my favorite bits of fluff is about a bunch of marines pissing themselves over ork kommandos.

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Impossible. They're not scary at all.

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See I said these things, but the fucks on /v/ just didn't get it, they said Orks can't be scary, that they are too funny, and if they are scary they are as scary as a "thunder storm", anything I said they just ignored and said I should just drop it because I was trying too hard.

It was a discussion about how Tyranids are scary, so I forget how Orks got into the discussion, but only idiots don't think Orks aren't scary.

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>Commissars gonna Commissar.

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