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I have a question about falling damage. The book says:

When a character falls, use the Falling Damage Table to determine the damage. Use Body + half the rating of the character’s Impact armor (round down) to resist this damage. Characters may also add Gymnastics skill dice to the damage resistance test.

When it says "add Gymnastics skill dice" does it mean just your ranks in Gymnastics or Gymnastics+AGI?

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When was that time? I'd be genuinely interested in seeing any examples of medieval armor with heavy plate around the feet and ankles.

I'm not arguing that heavy plate didn't become more popular, it did up until a little bit after gunpowder became popular for firearms. But even then, a lot of the decorated heavy plating you see (Especially something reminiscent of the image you posted) was solely for ceremonial purposes or tournaments.

I wish 4chan had a history board.

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