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It's just silly that I can make an AK-97 the same size as an AK-97 carbine, but do more damage and AP. You'd think someone would consider the fact they fire the same size round or something.

Honestly I like SMGs over Assault Rifles, a lot of them look so much better like the SCK 100 or P93 Praetor, but the powergamer in me says they're just not worth it.

Still, I think I will end up using some karma to get a rank in Automatics and a specialization in SMGs for my face/street sammy. Holdouts are nice, but I can't exactly carry my Ingram White Knight everywhere.

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Damnit, I always forget to mention which edition. It's 4th.

Also, hold out pistols can't take any accessories, but they can take modifications, right?

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You were by yourself. Well, no, you weren't by yourself, you were with Noel and O'Brian, out shopping for some odd reason. Chloe and Abby were getting along with one another, much to your surprise. "Oiii." you hold up a hand to your forehead. It was ungodly hot today, in the Bronze City of Almond.

Wait, well the entire city was made out of assorted metals. Not brick, none of that, it was a mechanical wonderland. A Steam-engineer's dream! Well, not compared to Luminaire, but it was still pretty high up there. It attracts different people with its strange architecture and steam-tech and not to mention its battle arena.

"Ms.Cecilia." you hear a faint voice. It doesn't distract you from the wares in front of you, so... "Ms.Cecilia." it echoes again. Who was talking? Eh, it wasn't anyone important. You're looking at Steam Stone of different sizes, seeing if any will fit into your sword... "MS.CECILIA!"

"Huh?" you look up from the store glass and to your new friend, Noel Rista, who was just a few feet away. "What is it Noel? Sorry I was a bit distracted."

"Um... the arena match." Noel jumps to an unexpected subject. That was a day ago, wasn't it? You were taking care of Blake that you didn't get much sleep and...

"What about it?"

"You let Blake participate just because he wanted to... but... you knew it was dangerous. I've been wanting to ask but why?" she presses the issue forward.

[ ] "Because I trust the moron, alright?"
[ ] "I don't know myself."
[ ] "Blake may not be able to read, but he's better at fighting than I am."
[ ] Other

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You stand above the small girl, bloody dagger in hand. You sliced her throat open and crushed her spine afterward. Just to make sure she was dead. This was for the good of the world, after all. Your eyes hold no emotion, no remorse, the small girl had died and the deed was done. "Hm..." you turn away, placing the dagger in your pocket.

Magical girls for justice, even though they bring ruin to the world. Magic use for the betterment of the world, yet they remain ignorant. What was justice? What was it? You neither knew nor cared. You only understood destruction and death.

Magic brought destruction, and certain death. Your goal was .. complicated. The reason for coming to Japan from the States, the reason for all of this was magic. It had the biggest source, and therefore the biggest threat.

You turn your head to look back at the fallen girl. She was around ten or eleven, had pink hair and dead, white eyes. Well, that was your doing. How unfortunate to discover magic.. how unfortunate. If she hadn't, you wouldn't have needed to kill her.

A shame.

[ ] Scout the town for more
[ ] Return to your apartment through the shadows
[ ] Take the corpse
[ ] Free choice

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"Your father punished you for following your own will?" the very thought angers you. This is the problem with the world and its Gods. Their unfair treatment of others, their conceited view. All of it irked you. She tries to open her mouth but you speak before she's capable of doing so. "There's nothing right with that." you take a deep breath. Well, not so much as you as Felice.

"What are you going to do Chaos?" Felice speaks up, looking back at Eluvi.

"I can give you your eyesight back and free you from this punishment from your father. If you want to join me, I would be overjoyed. If not, that's your choice and yours alone. As long as you don't oppose me or wish harm on others."

"Huh?" Eluvi stops shaking. She knew who you were, but the mention of the name 'Chaos' was what affirmed it. Her eyes close. She tries not to cry, but it's in vain. Tears fall down her face and fall to the grass like rain. She nods, unable to answer with words. The reasoning behind the response is unknown, but she nodded.

A dark line breaks through the air, entering Eluvi's stomach. She draws back, closing her eyes to deal with the sudden surge of pain. A few moments and she blinks. The view of the world slowly becomes clear. The first image she sees is a girl, smiling as she stands on the other side of a sun-lit river. She looks down to the river, feeling her cheeks. She pulls her mouth out before wincing from the pain of the back lash. "I can.. actually see... it's broken." she cries tears of joy. All sense gone, she loses herself in her own happiness.

You stand there across from the river, trying to fight back a smile of your own.

>What to do?

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A few moments and you arrive outside of the cavern where the ancient seal was located. Those guards from before were their only defense? They didn't seem to think much of you, or you were forgotten. How insulting. "What's your name girl?" might as well begin with the information, staring with your summoners name.

"My name is Felice Ayers." she answers as the walk continues. You walk down a rocky path and navigate through some low branches.

"Felice, then. What town is located nearby? It's been a while, you know."

"The town of Addelbern... it houses the largest religious community on the country side." she says, much to your delight. Oh, how fun.

"What god do they worship?"

"The Goddess of the Moon, Chandra." she looks down and then back up.

The first target, confirmed. Mutilate the Goddess.

The walk continues and you get enough information, at least. Addelburn worships the Goddess of the Moon and they don't think much of you. A community of a few thousand, popular shops around town and they're popular for the appopriately named Chandra Lake.

>What to do?

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The school. For some reason you feel you need to return to a place that you visit everyday. When you were there earlier, nothing was suspicious... save for the invisible maid in the corner of the room. Other than that, everything was alright. You and Sakuya waste no time walking the through the lively streets. No one pays you any mind, even if you're with your familiar. Everyone else was too busy going about their business to give you the light of day.

"We're here." you walk through the front gates of the school, looking around. No one was here or around for a block, which was icnredibly convenient. You sigh with relief, looking back to Sakuya. "You alright?"

"I'm fine." Sakuya had her arms crossed as usual, looking at you with a stern gaze.

"Do you feel anything?"

"I don't feel any different than I did five minutes ago."

"Oh I se-" your heart skips a beat.

"What is it?"

For some reason you begin to sweat. You gulp, taking in a deep breath afterward. There was something around here, you just didn't know what.

[ ] "Sakuya, let's get out of here."
[ ] "Let's go further inside, someone is here."
[ ] "Let's stay in the shadows for now."
[ ] Custom

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Cecilia continues to walk around the glyph, examining the letters to the best of her ability. She's never seen anything like this besides both her and Blake's swords. She immediately linked the text to Albert in some way, shape, or form. She thought it had something to do with Albert's rants of 'never again' back at the house.

Blake, however, was still walking around the tiny village. He was looking in the houses for any sign of life, anyone or anything that could hint at what happened here. There was nothing. The houses were bare as if they had just vanished.

"Sis!" Blake says as he runs out of a nearby house, looking straight at Cecilia.

"What is it Blake?" Cecila says, looking up from the edge of the magical circle and to her brother's face.

"Did you find anything?" Cecilia's brother says while he looks her in the eye.

"No.. I haven't. You?" Cecilia replies.

"No luck anywhere..."

=PoV Choice=
[ ] Cecilia Atrum
[ ] Blake Lumen

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