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Clearly this indicates deep seated male privilege/is evidence of rape culture and oh god why does tumblr even exist please send help

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"You killed Ninlil!"
"No, I didn't. If I had killed her, she'd have never seen it coming."

You strike with both claws and stinger at once, hissing like a nightmare. Ku-Aya casually sidesteps your attacks as she draws a long knife of shiny bronze. She's fast, maybe even faster than Iltani was in your battle with her.

Though it's hard to connect with her, you keep up with her as she gives ground. You do not dishonor yourself. As weapons clash and fireballs burst behind you, you anticipate her next dodge and bring your claw to meet her. You knock her to the ground, and when she kips up again you see a big bloody scrape across her face where she dragged across the earth. She looks angry. You've never seen her angry. "You shouldn't kill me."

"Why not?! You think I'm afraid of Pazuzu?"

"Not that." She leaps at you, but you manage to swat her away again.

"Then why?!"

"Because I know who your father is."

> I've got to end here, but I hope for a new thread this Saturday. Check the Twitter!

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Ah, I see.

In that case,
>uses martial arts to keep fit.
>regular routine from day to day
>supernatural talents/interests came in early, used to be charming/well-liked in addition to good physique.
>despite manipulative tenancies, tries to be a good person.
>Struggles some times with justifying enchantments and mind-fuckery.
>does not function well without cafine.

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The monster is just barely able to keep you distracted and shaken as you hold on to her mole hide. You dig in with both claws and all eight legs as you try to reach her more vulnerable upper half. "I... liked... him... you bitch!"

Nakurtum's spear snaps in two inside the monster before it knocks her aside. She shoots and claws at the ridge where most of the slingers are shooting from. More men die by her arrows. Puzur-Ea's magic bugs are still stinging at her exposed human flesh.

> Roll only 5d6 as her body count grows.

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Problem is most of my fantasy female unarmed fighters are either monks or mystics.

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Hey elegan/tg/entlement

I'm new to DMing and I'm searching for a map maker that I can use for my campaign to flesh out the world a bit for my players. I can't draw the maps myself because I'm garbage at any form of art
Do you guys have any recommendations for software? I'm looking for something that can make dungeons continents and towns please and thank you
will bump with pictures from my character art folders

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I am invited to join a Pathfinder campaign in a couple of weeks because a guy dropped out. We will be going from levels 1-10 in a high-fantasy setting. Right now, we are going to be a party of 4 including me. We've got a Paladin, Barbarian, and a Bard, and I'll be playing a Monk.

I've wanted to try out the combat maneuvers, but I've never made a character that uses them. What should I know going in? What are useful ones? I was thinking specialize in disarm/trip/grapple to give the Barbarian/Paladin an easy target.

I expect the Paladin to...disagree...with a LE character. Bonus points if I can defend myself against him when he finds out.

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I've always been a sucker for the weeaboo Monk type character, especially in games where ranged weapons dominate (see: Fallout 3/NV, best times were had going Unarmed). It's just a shame Monks are shit in 3.5/PF (the only systems I've played) and I didn't know about other ways to play them until recently.

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I've got a few more monks, but they're all very fantasy-ish. As in, this is the second-least fantasy-ish one I've got.

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I've got lots more rangers; I'll post them after I'm done with the level 1 characters.

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