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Heh your forgiven.

What about Light Power Armor? It doesn't give the size difference.

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those TF2 Orks are on 25mm (standard 40k), those nice Malifaux/ Warmachine ones are 30mm.
Terminators are 40mm (thinking Heavies)...

was thinking for the second set to be Imperial Guard ala attached :)
(Ork Kommandos and Imperial Guard Veterans get similar options, weapons-wise)

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A Rogue Trader character is the rough equivilent of a Rank 5 Dark Heresy character.

However in all cases the "higher" starting character will many times not be nearly as "Good", because they'll have far less skills, most of the "XP" they've already got (RT characters start with 4500 xp "Spent") are invested in generally higher starting stats (DH is usually 20+ 2d10, RT 25+2d10, DW 30+2d10).

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Its not out yet.

Well, it is... sorta, but its not really. Or scanned.

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Very light bump.

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Feel like I have to post this. Saging to keep the original intent goin'.

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It's FPS. What did you expect?

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Well just rename him. call him whatever you want. And even if you go for a normal farseer, name him. Always name your HQ

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You can have my Jarate minicrits, mate.

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20th is definatly the better book though. Better art, easier to understand, better stories. Given the choice, go for 20th.

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