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This is how I Mutants and Masterminds.

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I think you're preaching to the choir here. I'm much in the same boat - love a good Victorian fiction, but can't stand the state of steampunk right now. Sure, the mix of Victorian style and mechanical bits and bobs is nice in moderation, as long as it's all still remotely functional. And yeah, good fiction tends to play off the exaggeration of a theme. But steampunk feels over the top, and the rabid members of the steampunk fandom who think that cogs and goggles can do no wrong... well, they need to die in a coal burning chamber.

I tend to approach it in the Dickens sense if we're sticking to the late 1800s, or bring the basic idea to the early 1900s, or advance it further into a pulp/dieselpunk flavor with 1940-50s stylings. But yeah in general, for every bit of exaggerated, utopia-like shinyness, there should be a deeper layer of dirty unrest building which threatens to tarnish the shiny exterior. Isn't that what a steam/diesel/modem/cyberpunk setting is defined by anyway?

Pic oddly related. Spiderman brought into a 1920s/noir type flavor. Styling as a mothafucker, keeps all of the trademarks of the Spidey suit, but keeps it more functional than unnecessarily stylish.

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Looks like a lot of their character designs (which I'm skipping over) were done for Marvel at one point.

I will, however, post Noir Spidey here.

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