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I have the animated corpse of the greatest dead martial artist of our time working for me, so...

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>blacks love Lou Ting

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>What, if any, changes would you make to the ban list if you were put in charge of it today?

Ban only the power 9, and make the ante cards legal. NOW THAT WOULD MAKE SHIT GET REAL.

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I'm screaming
dat spoiler got my sides

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Misread "rigger" and laughed my ass off for a good fifteen seconds.

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>GW releases new rules
>Everybody acts like its the end times
>painted armies sold on the cheap
>I buy like crazy
>rules get fixed
>everybody trying to get armies back

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I suppose I'll see what I can do.

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this is why the following applies in my campaign and my players love it
>I have the core rulebook
>the core rulebook only comes out for character advancement or for my reading in between sessions if I want to touch up on a mechanic
>the players barely know the rulebook, they know it exists but are not concerned about the rules
>the above holds true because I established at the beginning of the campaign that the only way to progress is to pursue legitimate, believable IC motivations
>this resulted in actual characters that the players cared about
>I keep track of all the mechanics and translate what the player says their character does to something mechanically appropriate and apply it to the game
>the players don't feel constrained by rules
>the players rely completely on being IC to advance the plot and their characters
>metagaming is dead
>they love it because it's like being the characters in a fantasy novel for them
>I love it despite the enormous workload of constantly translating actions that aren't based in rules to things that are solely by reading and rereading the rules to make sure I'm always fair in my translation
>mfw the campaign is great
>mfw none of that 3.x shit applies
>mfw my players love not having to care about rules because they understand they shouldn't have to if they behave like reasonable characters

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The only thing Chuck destroys are the mats Bruce Lee used to slam him into.

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>mfw I realize that this is the hexadecimal code for turquoise

I wish that I had the money to toss your way, Viral.

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>Let's try to be serious this time.
>Ah, fuck it.

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Ooh, that reminds me

>in assaults, Swooping Hawks never require worse than a 4+ to hit vehicles without a WS

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mfw at my college we dont have forever alone neckbeards and everyone is on about the same level and we all just play casual magic. most expensive card any of us have is a sword of feast of famine but he got it out of a booster.

sorry op, that sucks, you could try to find similar minded people and start a more casual group instead. best of luck

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