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You're the Reason GR15 is never being overturned you gigantic cockgarbling faggot


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>I want to point at this point that I gave them freedom to think about their characters before the first session. I was in the impression that all players were experienced gamers and could do at least tolerable characters. I came to regret this a lot later, for reasons you will notice when reading onward.
>So here's a good point to tell about the party
>Matt Huberson, ordinary human specialist with no particular talents or abilities, except fuck good at shooting things with his beloved longbow.
>Carl, no surname, an extra-zealous human paladin that likes to panish and torment to extereme levels. Also loves to fap to torturing and tortured people.
>Steven Stone, an old dwarf warrior of mysterious origins, his parents were killed by chaos dwarfs and he hates chaos dwarfs a lot because of this. But plottwist! He is the long lost king of chaos dwarfs! Also loves to fap to gems.
>Wink, a male lesbian stealth assassin elf. Wears a green hat and a green jacket with khak-colored trousers. Loves his sword and triforce shield.
>Mesopotamansh, a pyromaniac human magic-user who loves flames a bit too much. Also loves to fap to flames. The character of ForeverGM.
>Lalithimerien, a female elf warrior. Ha sno blood in her veins, only LSD. With her psychic powers she can move some LSD straight into other people's system. We played at this guy's apartment and he was known for having random outbursts of rage, so I allowed this.


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...Do it.

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>vampire is going bruce lee on my armor
>laughing with mild impunity as points nonlethal damage after non lethal damage because DM cannot roll high enough to bypass it
>at the end, DM says my breastplate lost 2 AC points due to damage
>hfw I pull out a second breastplate I got from my first session and swap them

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>ITT: oops moments
>be lull in activity for a couple days while waiting on shit
>learn about some extraplanar creatures that come through mirrors and shit
>our ranger decides to spend 2 days staring at the mirror in his tavern room
>2nd day, my dwarf challenges everyone else to a drinking contest
>mage gets blitzed after 3rd round because lol half elf
>our other fighter goes pretty soon, i'm barely tipsy
>fighter/mage comes up and works on matching me drinks, makes it to four rounds
>dm has me roll listen check because I'm the only one even remotely sober in the room
>decide to go check on our ranger anyway
>he saw three of the creatures before smashing his mirror
>start going through the tavern, busting into rooms and smashing mirrors
>innkeeper yells at us, wanting to know what the fuck is going on
>yell back to shut up
>listen here boy
>50 gold for you to shut up!
>keep going, 4th room find the creatures standing in it
>mfw 3/5 of the party is passed out drunk and it's my fault
Battle went fine, but damn that was scary.

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>be DM
>running a dungeon crawl, 1st level party is sent to kill a black dragon that's full grown (Save your shit for later and let me explain)
>reward is 10k gold pieces.
>make it through the the dungeon, only find a week old, baby black dragon
>learn something else came and killed the mother
>they collect some teeth and horns as evidence.
>they send the paladin to collect the reward
>obviously he spills the whole truth about how they weren't the ones to kill the dragon
>they lose 3k of the reward because he didn't just say the dragon is dead and leave it at that
>tfw they realize what just happened
Anyone else got stories of poor planning between party members?

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Well I played my first real D&D game tonight and I think we have a That Guy, in our group.

>guy plays a female furry character
>apparently has been min-maxing with potions to the point one of the other players complains about it IC
>be time to play
>he goes on and on about this holy word potion because we're fighting demons at the moment
>about to go storm a temple full of them
>it gets brought up some of us are lawful neutral so it will adversely affect us as well
>he comes up with a spell to prevent that
>get to temple
>an ifrit is guarding the door, has probably been standing there a while doing nothing, temple is in the middle of a town
>right off the bat he chucks a fucking implosion potion at it
>fails horribly as it lands 10 feet in front of the target, simply imploding a cobblestone
>ifrit laughs at him, says they've been expecting us and knocks on the door of the temple and fucks off in a poof of smoke
>we go in
>the other fighter runs into the temple, seeming to have forgotten the plan
>guy gets super fucking pissed, starts yelling at the fighter OOC and the DM has to step in and tell him to shut the fuck up
>he forgets the protection spell and dashes into the middle of the temple, throwing the potion down, activating it
>only end up saying us a single turn of bitch slapping two minions because everything else is unaffected
>except the two fighters, me and the other guy are now fucking deaf
>take the chance to show my dwarf's linguistic skills by cursing in half a dozen languages, including elvish to the amusement of the other players
>guy is now right in front of a Roc and some kind of mid level demon
>starts chucking potions for a turn before my dwarf can reach him and throw his ass out of the way before he dies, having already taken like 25 damage
>proceeds to do almost jack shit except for a nice buff to our party over the next 5 turns
>mfw within 30 minutes of IC time, "she" meets my dwarf, deafens him, and makes him rescue her sorry ass

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