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Rolled 14, 18, 2, 1 = 35


A scouting party accompany the children back to the site of the unu-unu and are baffled at the flickering, hot fhur-ghar branch. One of them pokes at it with his bha-hoh-ghar and a piece of fhur-ghar carrying the unu-unu lodges itself in the hollow end. The party stare mesmerised as he waves it back and forth.

Pokfa, given her bright mind and involvement thus far in the Fhra (fire), is given the task of experimenting with it to find its uses; she is warned to be very cautious and is supervised throughout. Vaakfa is told to collect things to put into the Fhra.

Rolling for the results of burning hoh-ghar branches, rocks, fish and river hoppa meat.

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