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>Improved Unarmed Strike
>Cha 18

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You are Anon.

You finish tying the perfect knot in your bowtie. Your sticks are ready.

The monstrously fast, monstrously strong and delusionally weird Otaku is charging in with an obvious right straight. It's like he's never even heard of feinting.

>Meet him head on.
>Sidestep, let him charge past and attack from the side.
>Move straight back, stay just out of his reach, attack when he throws the punch and overextends.

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Dudley's the man.

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"I'll do my best not to let you down," you say, giving her your most charming smile. "Thanks for putting up with me in the meantime." You turn and walk away, hoping that seemed cool.

Thinking to yourself as you wait in line, you tally things up. You got to fight a clown and won. You got your first Perfect Victory. Most importantly, you've finally got someone in your corner for Operation: GENTLEMEN STRONK. Altogether a good day.

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It's not necessarily being a berzerker. It's all about action economy: don't do more than you have to, and use only what energy is necessary. "Being a gentleman" does not equate to "being showy." Dudley was as orthodox a boxer as they come to the point where he audibly counted his punches, remember?

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Delicious Lillends. Oracle is a fun class, but I wouldn't take it if you're behind the curve in levels(LA, racial hit dice). Bard is always a good choice.

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Hope you fa/tg/uys enjoyed the lunar eclipse tonight.
On topic: how do I proper gentleman?

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