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Again , The Imperium of Man found Earth and will be invading,but due to a warp mishap The Nations of Earth have one half year of prep time... and have been warned...

You can choose one Nation/country and dictate it's actions,
Unlike the thread yesterday, you also get the technical knowledge and knowhow of a fictional setting to impart to your minions, unfortunately no devices or materials except what is found on RL Earth are available....

So, make your decision

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"I hate you but I'm unsure of this"

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Cum-musar got confused. Tries to be long winded and fucks up, hah.

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I went on a recent fantasy movie kick for inspiration. I don't play fantasy games but I used to write fantasy stuff 7 years ago.

Out of this, I am gathering ideas inspired by the movies for an 'environment' to help me make a good fantasy world to make a story within. (Won't be sharing on here, sorry)

But what I will share are my current ideas, and perhaps some of you may share some ideas of your own. Being the fantasy minded people you are, and perhaps able to use any of it in your games. Much of this is just dabble and dribble, nothing is coherent just random mullings, so disregard how it's put together.

~roots for armor from huge trees grow denser and lighter than metal

~a people of the trees ambush soldiers from high above during rain storms to prevent them from firing back effectively(rain in their eyes prevent archers, firing down is better accuracy)

~in addition, those people create the rain by shamanistic means, further to elaborate maybe voodoo

~mountain people make homes out of active volcanoes, draining the pressure at the bottom after it makes tunnels out of the whole mountain

~in addition to the above idea maybe the pre-dic the mountain and force it to erupt, solidating the caverns they create before releasing the pressure

~people of the sea make their home in gigantic whirlpools that expose the ground Tthink the ending of the little mermaid)
(cont next post)

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