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Wez sofistikated gitz iz wot we iz.

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Like this OP.

Ya gitz needs moar Dappa

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What about a more gentlemanly Warhammer setting (let's say the Blood Bowl universe) where Orcs eschew the traditional "WAAAGH!" in favor of personal duels.

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I managed to roll a Highborn Ogryn with max intelligence. I played him as pic related, but Ogryn instead of Orky.

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Da Dappaboss

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I thought it was more of a psychic duct tape. it has a very low possibility of working in anyone's hands except an ork, at which point it works damn near flawlessly.

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Needs more

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Needs more Dappa you magnificent bastard

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/d/ is into cocks and nipples that do things other than lactate.
Slaanesh is /d/.

/tg/, before the days of the dark one, was what /d/ would be as a gentleman/woman. We are not base rogues, scuttling about and grasping for each other's filth. We are bards. We sing the praise of what is worthy, make beautiful what is not and dissect what is into it's base components to apply to other things. We question what others accept.

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Does your gaming group have a name?

Any suggestions. We've been trying to come up with a name for our group? It's pretty much RPGs, Warhams, and Board games right now.

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So, for the first time in quite some time, I actually have the funds to purchase a hard copy of a rulebook for a RPG (even the more expensive yet in-print ones like the fantasy flight textbooks).

I've been eyeing a few, Shadowrun, Deathwatch, and Rogue Trader, though my knowledge is somewhat limited on each of the games and due to school obligations, I've not got the time to read though a torrent of each of the core rulebooks (I read kinda slow, it would take a good chunk of a day for just a couple hundred pages).

So, my most elegan/tg/entlemen, I ask of you for a simple list of what you believe to be pros and cons to any or all of these listed books, or perhaps even ones tangentially related in terms of tone/style that i'm not aware of so that I might make a more informed purchase.

The few pros and cons I've garnered from my cursory examination of the core books include:
Setting visually pushes my geek buttons of cyberpunk aesthetic/tech and fantasy races.
It's a very very interesting setting as a result of the mishmash of fantasy and cyberpunk
I like the espionage focus, as it forces me as an aspiring dm to get creative with level design, and it forces the players to be creative with their abilities
My rpg experience is limited, so I've only ever played with d20 systems, making the transition odd, but it seems to be at least kinda similar to magic casting in WHFB, and I'm more than willing to learn.
I've not read into the rules much, so I've no idea how well they work.

Other 2 in the next post:

And again, Feel free to talk about other systems similar to this, I just want some opinions and options for a purchase

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I do say. Waagh.

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I do say, I quite believe it is!

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I've been monitoring this thread, but can someone maybe at least post a recommendation pic for 40k books (if there is one)

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So when it comes to Space Marines faction, Black Templars are like the orks?

>non-stop crusade
>Large number of forces
>spread all thoughout the universe
>like to bunch up a lot of units into one vehicle as possible
>like to have lots of "dakka" on their vehicle (land raider crusader)

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well, gentlemen, I have an unfortunate lack of Dappa as well. This is my supply. But perhaps it is now time for DAKKA!

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This is how I Ork

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NA YA GIT! Trolls t'ink ORKY!

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