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>We question him
>He was sent by Mavqash with other 3 to place the beacon, they got in a fight, he was hit on the head and captured.
>Every description was precise, but we still consider to let him there since he is such an asshole
>We decide to take him out and use him as meatshield, his equipment (Arbites stuff) is in a box
>From room #7 come machinery noises
>Wolfe sends in the cherubim to investigate, we monitor it from outside with the dataslate
>At least 4 servitors working at some machinery, and a techpriest
>Techpriest turns, sees cherubim, start talking to it
>"Archimedes? What are you doing here? This is not your assigned place!"
>We are so busted. We prepare our kill-team entry
>Wolfe stops us, he wants to talk to his colleague
>We disagree, he doesn't give a shit and enters the room. We follow

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The mechanicum appreciates you. The machine god smiles upon you this day.

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So, why is it in every. Single. Story. The Mechanicus are such massive assholes? I get that they're (supposed to be) emotionless and typically only focus on the goals of the Mechanicus (and themselves), but it seems like every author with Black Library and every writer at GW are intent on making the Mechanicus as unlikable as possible.

The only examples I can think of reasonable Tech Priests are the one in the Dark Heresy novels, and MAYBE one or two in Ciaphas Cain: The Greater Good, but then you have all of the negative examples in Gunheads, Soul Drinkers, Hammer and Anvil, all of the other Ciaphas Cain novels (except Felicia), and probably others.

Is it just that the writers seem to have a hateboner for them, or are the Mechanicus really just an organization of envious/mad/callous assholes?

I ask mostly out of curiosity, but also because I recently got hold of a Knight, and am wondering if I should make its house dedicated to the Imperium proper or the Mechanicus (and, in the latter case, want to see if it's possible for said house to actually have an amicable relationship).

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Did someone say tech heresy?
I certainly hope no one's been modifying their lasrifles...the adeptus tend to frown on that
and by frown I mean they rip your guts out, replace them with machine parts, jam a remote control up your ass and use you to assemble more non tech heresy approved lasrifles

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they belong to a religion that venerates technology, it's a 40k thing


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Right. I usually increase the project overhead by 5-15% in the planning process when determining initial feasibility. Otherwise,, the unexpected expenses, setbacks, and losses can push an otherwise-profitable project into the red. If it can't handle 5-15% I take the reasonable route and either reinvest in already-profitable existing ventures or move on to a more durable project.

How do you handle your initial ERP?

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Is the Machine God an entity of the warp?

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Dont tell anyone, but duct tape is the corner stone of Adeptus Mechanicus technology as well, we just chant about each inch we use.

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Not a nice ecosystem, that's for sure.

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Brother Tech Priest, I am afraid there is something that has been troubling me for some time.

In my studies of the Emperor's holy war machines, I have begun to notice a pattern. Many of His holy armored vehicles use a rhomboid track layout, such that they might better cross rough terrain to bring his fury wherever it may be needed. Most of his armored personnel carriers have their driver and engine in the front, leaving the rear open such that His warriors might exit safe from fire.

But one most venerated chassis confounds me, brother.


I fear...

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Toll the great bell thrice, and give praise to the God of all machines!

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I did read his post but I don't play table top game.

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It's pretty sweet that the Tech-Priest is now a background instead of a career (or a role as it's now called). Now they're not just the "tech guys", but can be easily have a wide variety of functions in the group.

Too bad they don't start with any cybernetics now. Maybe a mechadendrite, but even that's optional as you can pick a servo skull instead.

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>Not surpassing magic with technology
Magic is obsolete. Nothing but toys from an age of fairy tales.

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Back off, Phyrexian.

There's only room for one tech-cult on this board.

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So if the Imperium had technology at some point but was lost, is it heresy to try and go back and re-research it from scratch?

Does the Imperium actively try to do this or are they just too dumb as fuck to rediscover lost technology from scratch?

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The flesh is weak...Enginseer Larrik commented, surveying the broken body of Major Seigfied Lenz. His chest cavity had taken superficial damage, and it was a testament to the iron will of the man he kept walking after his left section of his belly had taken that bolt. Fingers had been cracked, and fractured, while his legs were a mess of torn sinew and muscle. The flesh is weak, but it would go against reason to say it could not withstand moments of extreme agony and abuse. Sometimes. Still not reliable as the true metallic bodies of the Omnissiah. But this tale is not without themes of redemption. Soon Lenz would be closer to the Machine God...soon...

The injuries were severe. His right lung had taken a shard of shrapnel, removing that organ's effectiveness compeletly. It would need to be replaced. Several ribs had become craked from hammer blows and fist strikes, which would demand to be replaced with plas-steel ones. It simply demanded it! The muscles on Lenz's legs were all mangled, ripped to shreds. Artificial muscle, better than the old would be needed. Now onto the mess of broken bone at his left shoulder. The axe had shattered the skeleton into splinters. Total replacement required for this section of the human skeleton.

Enginseer Larrik had a second set of arms, bionic limbs below his natural set of ones. Two mechadendrites reel about him, connected to sockets in his shoulder blades. With a few droning wry sighs, he says his estimate before Lenz can walk again, "Four days. A week at most. Truly, a challenge worthy of my skills."

With that, Larrik began his work, the six metallic appendages working in a frenzy.

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