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Meh, it happens sometimes....AMBUSH
Sorry that my wife loves romance options...considering she is a girl and all.
Sorry, what I meant to say wa- AMBUSH

she one time convinced me to allow her to romance a guy playing a Paladin in our one DnD group. I allowed it, but told her to not get all retarded with it, considering he was a Paladin of Purity. The game goes normally, Darkspawn attack them while the camp, antics ensue and well I let them all have a conversational piece with an NPC they rescued in some sort of town I made up.

All of a sudden my wife says that she grabs the Paladins ass and proceeds to laugh like a schoolgirl. The paladin responds with blushing and asks if he can give her a kiss.

this is where shit goes downhill. After the session, my charming wife asks to do a little group one with just Her and the Paladin, while I gm. I ask her why and she tells me that she still wants to play.

I agree and so the Paladin stays and she proceeds to in detail tell me how she flirts and tries to seduce the Paladin. The Paladin responds in kind, and they forge a super secret romance in game.

Not only did she break one of my rules in game (no Party Romances) but she then proceeds to call me the CHARACTERS name when we have sex.

needless to say /tg/ I havent been laid in a while.

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