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>ywn eat steak chips with your pals at a comfy sleepover

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When I played Ojamas at my college's LGS I would fudge a couple of rulings, like the wording on Ojamagic names each normal Ojama as a target to draw from your deck so if you already got all of the copies of one beforehand you couldn't technically draw any of them, but I'd draw the other two anyhow. Also Ojama Country required an Ojama in your graveyard already to discard an Ojama to special summon one from the graveyard, which included the one you just discarded so I would just do that real fast. Nobody ever played Ojamas so they had no real idea of the nuances in all their dumb Frog the Jam-like card language (REMEMBER TO INCLUDE OJAMUSCLE IN EVERY RULING GUYS).

If it helps I'm pretty sure they were doing the same thing

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for me it's "summons a bunch of little dudes"

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Back in the day I frankenstein'd an Ojama/Destiny HERO deck that used Diamond Dude to cheat out Delta Hurricanes with Plaguespreader Zombie and Defender to be a 2700 ATK normal summon beatstick with Ojama Country on the field, with Chaos Sorcerers (Envoy of the Beginning was banned at the time) to pull the LIGHT/DARK theme together

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