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+Skirmish Report+
+Operation "Dormant"+
+By: Macedon, Captain of the 6th Company+
+To: Chapter Master+
Chapter Cruiser "Morbid" has intercepted Ork-infested asteroid swarm Theta-Phi-2230 on it's way to Wladistan on 099.342.M41. We carefully approached the swarm and sent squads Primus, Secundus and Quartus via landing craft to infiltrate the swarm, while squad Tertio was prepared in reserve. They landed on the main Rok and drilled their way inside. Fortunately, when squad Quartus entered the caves, Orks were still dormant, so they proceeded to lay explosives. However soon squad Secundus ran into trouble as they stumbled upon makeshift control bridge for the rock, where they were confronted by a Weirdboy and his companions. Brother Sardis and Kovir were killed in the ensuing fight, but the Weirdboy was killed and none of the orks survived to raise the alarm. I myself lead squad Primus to the deepest caverns of the Rok, carefully trying not to wake thousands of Orks that were lying all around us. In the very depths of the hulk we found a huge, fat, inert piece of xeno meat that we identified as the Warlord. Unfortunately we didn't take any prisoners to interrogate what his name was(I admit my fault in this, we should have done this to identify his Klan of origin). I decided not to risk waking him up and butchered him with my powersword. Afterwards Leutenant Hector mined his corpse from inside just to be sure. By the time we started to withdraw, enemy started waking up, however they were still slow and confused from space travel coma, we slaughtered close to nine hundred of them while retreating without a single casualty. A few brothers were wounded, but nothing serious. According to your instructions, we decided that sun is the only way to kill the orks for sure, so we waited for a week until swarm was close to a star and only then activated the explosives. (cont.)

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>We'll finally be able to play Speed Freeks

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>Against fucking idiots who let their enemies get too close.
Yeah, takes a real moron to let these guys get close.

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Why don't you play a real army

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Afterwards Ghosts of Retribution proceeded to establish their power in the Sector by cleansing green uncivilised world of Varda from Ork infestation and by organising a raid alongside Rogue Trade Dercius D'anger into a space hulk known as "Dark Sister".

Varda, after cleansing was claimed by the Chapter as part of their realm and in the following decades Ghosts started to colonise it, this process is still underway.

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>What should we do?*

Damn typos.

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IIT we post a story/battle report from our last tabletop game. Heres mine from today.

Warboss Speedskull and his nobz held on to the bustling truk as it sped forwards towards the blood claws as the bulk of Speedskulls army roared behind him as they stomped forward.
Speedskull demanded his boyz take the "Lukay Builin's" from the artillery destroyed town, and with a thunderous stampede the boyz stormed forward led by S.S's second in command Top Nob Snappers. As they moved towards the ruined town a massive break in the ground opened up beneath them and swallowed up a bunch of unlucky gitz and with sheer rage and fury Snappers was driven to seek out da weird power. A rune priest of the Space wolves was surrounded by Grey Hunters amongst the ruins of the buildings, which hoped to be dug in but the ork mob clambered through the ruins and zoged them quick and the rune priest met Snappers claw, for the first and last time.

Speedskull's truck zoomed past the young blooded space wolves and the warboss and his nobz jumped out guns blazing. The large group of blood claws were turned to mush and with this S.S moved towards the Buildings to claim them before the other boyz could. As the truck continued, a small group of Thunder wolf cavalry appeared on the horizon only to be blasted by a looted tank far behind the truk and hoard of orks, the riders continued on headlong into the truk, and the driver saw his prey and pushed down da juice and sped right into the wolves. With a mighty swing of a thunder hammer the truck was stopped right in its tracks and spluttered and spat as it tried to come back to life.

Once the day was done, the wolves overrun by the green tide of poor speed obsessed orks, Speedskull sat inside one of his new buldings on a chair of power armour, with a large grin on his face as he watched his boyz loot the buldins and make em ded spikey.


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Enter Rozencrantz and Guildenstern

Polonius: Oy Hamlet. Dem two boyz you'z remember? Dey'z gonna follow you now!

Exit Polonius:

Hamlet: Wot you boyz want?
Rosencrantz: We heard you were a proper boss, so we'z want to follow you!
Hamlet: You boyz look sneaky, I fink warboss or dat Kommando Polonius put youz up to this! I'll give yer a thump if you don't say wot you want for real!
Guildenstern: Don't hit us boss! Warboss Claudius he sent us to see if you'z all weird-like!
Hamlet: Oh I'm Weird alright like a Wyrdboy!
Rosencrantz: Oy look at dat! Dem boyz are all painted red! Dey'z Kult of Speed! Maybe deyz gonna go fast and crash!

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Stop derailing the thread with bullshit. The Guard is the biggest cowards in the universe.

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